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Enabling Hyper-V Remote Management – Configuring Constrained Delegation For Non-Clustered Live Migration


In Windows Server 8 we added the ability to live migrate virtual machines without the requirement of a cluster i.e. standalone live migration. For this feature to work the storage the virtual machine is using must be available to both Hyper-V severs which implies that it’s hosted on an SMB share – we also have the ability to perform a live storage migration in concert with the virtual machine live migration in Windows Server 8 but I’ll get to that latter. If you read my last post on Enabling Hyper-V Remote Management – Configuring Constrained Delegation For SMB and Highly Available SMB which discusses configuring the Hyper-V severs to delegate credentials to the SMB server this process is similar to that and the configuration of the SMB delegation is a prerequisite for this post.

Going back to the example from my last post let’s take an environment similar to this – we have a two node Windows Server 8 Scale-Out file server cluster, two standalone Hyper-V servers and a remote management workstation. In the last post we configured constrained delegation between the two Hyper-V servers and the SMB server which allowed us to create a new virtual machine on the one of the Hyper-V servers with the virtual machines storage residing on the SMB share. Now we want to live migrate that virtual machine to the second Hyper-V server. In order to accomplish this we again must enable constrained delegation. 

To learn more and to read the entire article at its source, please refer to the following page, Enabling Hyper-V Remote Management – Configuring Constrained Delegation For Non-Clustered Live Migration- Taylor Brown’s Blog



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