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Why Small and Mid-Size Businesses Love “Software as a Service”


On-premises software is business management software that is installed on the computers and in the building of individual businesses.  Until 2005, the deploying and use of business software was commonly done on premises.  The inception of off-premises software known as “software as a service” created an alternative of running business management software from a cloud-based, remote facility.  The SaaS, Software as a Service, alternative eliminated the need for users to install any business software on their computers or within their premises.  Cloud-based SaaS software offers significant cost savings due to a reduction in staff needs, less maintenance, and lower consumption of power. 

Only big enterprises can afford the high upfront capital expenses of on-premises applications as well as skilled professionals to maintain the applications.  Clearly, SaaS is the best choice for small or mid-size businesses.  There is no need for an infrastructure investment, platform development or expert manpower. All they need for SaaS is a basic computer with a browser. SaaS is a “pay as you use” subscription delivered to the business. However with so many systems out there it is important to look over crm software reviews to help identify key differentiating factors as well as user experiences. Ultimately each SaaS works better for some business over others.  Below you will find a guide to features and examples to help you in your search for the right system.

Advantages of SaaS

Besides the advantages previously mentioned, SaaS offers small and mid-size businesses many others:

  • Rapid deployment or having been already deployed makes SaaS ready for use in a flash.
  • SaaS is impressively scalable due to its cloud architecture.
  • SaaS is extremely efficient because of an architecture that is multi-tenant and a source code that is identical for each individual customer.
  • Customization is not necessary as with traditional apps; simple configuration makes it possible for SaaS to meet any requirements.
  • With SaaS, the provider directly applies upgrades at their end eliminating headaches at the customers’ ends.
  • Different tech-innovations are effortlessly integrated by the provider and are also available to all subscribers since they all use the same code base.
  • Besides a web browser to allow access to the application, no other hardware or software is necessary.

SaaS Examples 

Salesforce CRM: Salesforce having been ranked as the “most innovative company in America” by Forbes magazine is known to be an industry leader in Customer Relations Management Software.  They are also known worldwide for their leadership in cloud computing encompassing SaaS.  Salesforce software designs make it possible for a business to store all their customer relations management data in one place and to access it on any electronic device, anywhere and anytime.

Salesforce’s CRM can help businesses to succeed in the following ways:

  • Contact Management – Keeping track of both customers and prospects is easy with Salesforce CRM software.  Data including names, addresses, phone calls and emails makes following up on leads faster.
  • Employee Tracking – Salesforce’s Work.com provides employee tracking of your business in order to improve their sales performance.  Reps can set goals, achieve quotas, and develop best practices.  Managers can accelerate training and evaluate reps’ performance in real time.
  • Marketing and Sales – Sales Cloud offers a superior way to sell.  With a portable sales office, you can make and close deals by being given the most outstanding leads anywhere and anytime on your mobile device. 

Salesforce understands the importance of integrity and confidentiality of the information of their customers.  For that reason, Salesforce guarantees security based on the following:

  • Secure Transmissions – Salesforce’s use of cryptographic protocols, step-up certificates and a unique token at login ensure users have a secure connection.
  • Network Protection – Through the use of perimeter firewalls, edge router, internal firewalls, intrusion detection sensors, and a service provider by a third party, Salesforce ensures a secure network.
  • Disaster Recovery – Encrypted links transmitting data, real-time data replication and tests of disaster recovery protect the integrity of Salesforce’s customer data.
  • Backups – Backing up of all data to a tape, cloning backups using secure links to a secure tape, and ensuring tapes are not removed from Salesforce’s site and destroyed when no longer needed is comprises the security Salesforce provides.
  • Monitoring Security – Salesforce’s internal systems identifies and manages all threats. 

Google Apps

Because of rising costs over time and the growing desire for a workforce that is mobile, today’s businesses are looking at what SaaS offers as a smart alternative to expensive on-premise software.  The Google App Marketplace offers a huge selection of applications including tools for administration, calendar and scheduling tools, finance and accounting, productivity, management of documents, management of projects, compliance and security.  A free trial period is offered by Google for many of these apps that is followed by a nominal fee established by usage. 

The Google App Marketplace offers a wide variety of apps that are especially designed to help SMBs build competitive advantages in business strategy, innovation, and customer relations.  Most Google Apps provide solid integration with their core SaaS offerings including Docs, Drive, Gmail, and Calendar.

Google guarantees a 99.9% uptime.  This guarantees that a business’s data is both accessible and secure.  Additionally, if something does go wrong, Google provides a built-in recovery system. 

Desk Away

Desk Away is an example of SaaS software.  As a smart Internet-based software for project collaboration, it provides a central place for teams to manage, organize and track work.

You can be sure your business’s data is secure at Desk Away.  This cloud security is guaranteed by Desk Away’s use of daily backup, encryption, world class hosting and zero-downtime of the network.

Impel CRM

Impel offers customer service software that is cloud-based and allows businesses to offer customer service with an integration of multiple channels such as phone and email.

CRM at Impel – Impel provides businesses with capturing of leads from email, forms and uploads, integration of call center and outbound calling, campaigns for leads through Email or SMS, rapid reporting of activity and management and quotations of sales pipelines.

Security – Your business data is certainly secure with Impel since security is a top priority at Impel.  This security is provided in many ways.

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