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White Papers, Solution Briefs and Case Studies on Cloud, Datacenter, Desktop, IoT, Mobility, Security, Storage and Virtualization technologies from Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, VMware and many more.

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      Citrix Papers

        Citrix Logon Simulator – What are vendors bringing to market? A comparison white paper in a nutshell

        I know about a time when logon simulators were rarely seen. Times have changed and several vendors offer a Citrix logon simulation of some sort. With the growth of the offering finding the right one is hard, hence a comparison is needed. This article will shed a bit of light in the functional features of […]

        VMware Papers

          Login VSI’s “VDI Reference Architecture Monthly”

          Happy new year and welcome to the first Reference Architecture Monthly of 2017. Sorry it has taken me a while to get this one out. We’ve been having fun at the end of year festivities while also preparing some really cool stuff for Login PI and Login VSI. There were two reference architectures posted in […]

          Microsoft Papers

            Remote Site Print Servers: The Last Stand for Onsite Servers? – White Paper

            Practical Considerations on Consolidation of Print Servers into the Data Centre and Alternative Deployment of Effective Local Print Appliances. Over the past decade, the methods we use to deploy IT services into remote sites has dramatically and irrevocably changed. Years ago, every remote site had its very own dedicated ‘server room’ equipped with a dedicated domain controller; a […]

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