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What Should You Look for In A Vendor Partner Program?

What Should You Look for In A Vendor Partner Program?

As a reseller, you want to make sure that you’re getting involved with worthwhile vendor partner programs. The trouble is, sometimes they are complicated and not very transparent. In my experience, partnerships with the larger names in your industry are no-brainers, but how do you decide on the other relationships that you are constantly being solicited for? Let’s look at some key areas that are important to the reseller-vendor relationship.

Fill a Need

Does this vendor solve a specific problem?

The first place to start is to review the vendor’s offerings and find what “need” they specifically fill for your company and your clients. These vendors should offer solutions that are innovative and solve specific client or company problems. Each vendor you partner with should have a unique value-add brand, solution, product, or offering that makes them worth putting in your portfolio. Your life should be made easier by this solution.


Is the vendor there when you need them?

Imagine that you have decided to implement a new vendor’s solution. You are faced with an issue in deploying or configuring the solution for your client. The questions you need to ask are:

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Via the fine folks at Tricerat.

Tricerat triCerat - http://www.tricerat.com - is a leader in the development of third-party tools for managing complex virtual desktop (VDI) and server-based computing (SBC) environments. Whether is desktop management, security or print management, our solutions can help. Our tools are used in many different types of environments - be it Citrix, VMware or Terminal Services.

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