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What is Workspace ONE (WS1)? by Christopher Reed

Session Description

IT organizations around the world are evolving to the Digital Workspace. By allowing their employees the flexibility to access any application via any device from anywhere, they are driving business productivity while retaining top talent. With the rise in bring your own device programs, the tools provided by enterprises must promise an amazing user experience while protecting sensitive business data. Learn how Workspace ONE brings together Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Identity & Access Management (IAM) and VDI to optimize the Digital Workspace.



christopher-reedAs an award-winning, influential Business and Technology Leader with over 20 years of experience and exceptional critical thinking, leadership, negotiation, and mediation skills, Christopher Reed excels at all things technological. Reed currently serves at VMware in the Office of the CTO as a EUC Technical Strategist. In this role he works with strategic customers to creating strategy, vision, and alignment between stakeholders and streamline the process of positioning, selling, consulting, designing, delivering, and supporting End User Computing Solutions.

Christopher’s broad reaching experience in Healthcare, Education, Communications, High Tech, Financial Services, and Real Estate industries allow him to work within or across a broad range of industries and levels within an organization. He works to project a refined business acumen with the ability to develop and maintain business relationships. His mentors and colleagues alike have identified Christopher as a thought leader, innovator, collaborator, and energetic motivator manager of people, projects, and programs.

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