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VMware Knowledge Base Articles for December 11, 2012


VMware Knowledge Base Articles for December 11, 2012

vSphere 5.1 changes default multipathing policy for EMC Symmetrix devices to Round Robin (2034797)

VMware vSphere ESXi version 5.1 has changed the default Native Multipathing Plugin (NMP) Path Selection Policy (PSP) for Symmetrix devices from Fixed
Published: 12/11/12

Adding and removing users in My VMware (2016235)

This article provides steps to: · Add users to folders and accounts · Remove users from folders and accounts If you see users missing from your account or there are users you do not recognize, it is
Published: 12/11/12  

ESXi 5.0 host experiences a purple diagnostic screen with the errors "Failed to ack TLB invalidate" or "no heartbeat" on HP servers with PCC support (2000091)

ESXi 5.0 host fails with a purple diagnostic screen · The purple diagnostic screen or
Published: 12/11/12

Performing a vMotion or adding a network card to a virtual machine fails with the error: Necessary module isn’t loaded. (2013128)

This is a known issue, and VMware is currently investigating the problem.  A pending fix will be released in a future
Published: 12/11/12

An access violation error occurs when exiting VMware Service Manager if SSL is enabled (2041016)

When SSL is enabled, exiting the Service Manager application reports an access violation error. · If the Report Designer is loaded when SSL is enabled,
Published: 12/11/12

Some of the links in the VMware Service Manager portal Help screen do not represent the correct information (2041175)

Some of the links in the Help screen of the VMware Service Manager portal do not represent the correct information.    For example,
Published: 12/11/12

The Service Manager application opens with all windows cascaded instead of full screen (2041103)

If the Open on startup option is enabled on a dashboard in Service Manager, the application opens with cascaded windows when you log in to the main
Published: 12/11/12

VMware Tools installed from package manager incorrectly modifies system file permissions (2014318)

VMware Tools installation on CentOS 6 completes but system file permissions have been modified incorrectly · VMware Tools installed from package
Published: 12/11/12

[Archived] Using the VMware IT Business Management Suite secure FTP (2013243)

This article provides steps on using VMware IT Business Management Suite secure FTP server. The secure FTP can only be accessed by FTP Secure (FTPS) protocol using
Published: 12/11/12

[Archived] Online Store Requests (2033157)

NA Internal – To improve productivity, efficiency and service please submit requests regarding the eStore as outlined in the process below. NA Internal 1.  Compose a en email out lining each individual
Published: 12/11/12

[Archived] Slow DatabasePerformance (1016654)

Virtual Center constantly queries the Database and if the Database is fragmented then the responses from the DB is very slow. Hence we would need to rebuild the indexes to remove fragmentation.
Published: 12/11/12

[Archived] vmware-hostd crash on startup with Cannot assign requested address (1020217)

Check the /etc/hosts file on ESX server Make sure the Local Host Ipaddress it set correctly localhost .localdomain localhost Try restarting Hostd
Published: 12/11/12

ESX 4.0 host experiences a purple diagnostic screen: UserVmfs_CreateObj+0x90 stack: 0xffffffffffffffff (2016089)

ESX 4.0 host experiences a purple diagnostic screen · The purple diagnostic screen contains output similar to:  @BlueScreen: #PF
Published: 12/11/12

[Archived] CPU Resource Error When Placing VM into Resource Pool (1023125)

This happens when you either don’t have enough resources available in the resource pool or you have VM’s with resources reserved on them and to turn the resources on the VM
Published: 12/11/12

ESXi 5.1 host becomes unresponsive when attempting a vMotion or a configuration change (2040707)

ESXi 5.1 host becomes unresponsive when you attempt to vMotion a virtual machine from vCenter Server · Making a configuration change to the ESXi host
Published: 12/11/12

"URB timed out – USB device may not respond" message appears during reboot of ESXi from a USB drive (1010940)

This is not a VMware issue. Contact your hardware vendor to determine why the USB errors are occurring. To workaround this issue power off
Published: 12/11/12

Capturing a trace log with DebugView for VMware Service Manager (2003526)

In order to troubleshoot a problem, you may be asked by VMware Technical Support to collect a trace log. There are three kinds of trace logs: · An application trace should be
Published: 12/11/12

Unable to log in after upgrading to vCloud Usage Meter 3.0 (2038824)

You cannot log in after upgrading from vCloud Usage Meter 2.3.2 to 3.0 · After upgrading vCloud Usage Meter 2.3.2 to 3.0, the login page on the browser the error: Exception
Published: 12/11/12

vCenter Single Sign On (SSO) does not autodiscover trusted domains if domains are manually added (2036320)

Trusted domains are not auto discovered by vCenter Single Sign On (SSO) when domains are manually added · Autodiscover is not adding trusted
Published: 12/11/12  |   

ESX fails to boot when the disk containing the datastore with esxconsole.vmdk is detected as a snapshot (1012142)

You may encounter issues while booting an ESX 4.x machine if: · VMware ESX 4.x has been installed on the local disk or if it is booting
Published: 12/11/12  |   

[Archived] test embed (2012768)

test  Error Message when Attempting to Use VMware GSX Server Console is Not Informative (1522744)
Published: 12/11/12  |   

A DRS cluster on vCenter Server 4.x and 5.0 shows the warning: Load imbalanced (1017291)

On a VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) cluster, on vCenter Server 4.x and 5.0, you see any or all of this behavior: · Your cluster is unbalanced · The
Published: 12/11/12  |   

VMware Data Recovery backup fails with the error: Trouble reading files, error -3956 (operation failed) (2010830)

When attempting a VMware Data Recovery backup of a virtual machine, you see this error in the Reports tab: Trouble reading files,
Published: 12/11/12  |   

Navigating to the Log Browser after updating vSphere 5.1 Single Sign On Certificates fails with an Unauthorized Access error (2037927)

When clicking on the Log Browser after updating the Single Sign On Certificates, you see an error similar to:
Published: 12/11/12  |   

Best practices when using advanced transport for backup and restore (1035096)

This article provides information on the SAN and HotAdd transport mechanisms. These advanced transport mechanisms replace the VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) proxy based
Published: 12/11/12  |   

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