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VMware Asks Cloud Security Standards, Are they coming to a cloud near you?


I was recently reading an article about cloud security standards and found it quite interesting of the struggles service providers are going through right now without official security standards.  Standards are on the way from several industry groups including vendor back groups to help. But what is happening in the meantime is what I found interesting.

With the rapid adoption of cloud technology and architectures security is something that is weighing on the industry’s mind.  Right now there is a lack of standards available today to ensure levels of security for service provider’s customers with a standard level of security.  Companies are going to great lengths today to provide the needed level of security in the meantime while industry groups furiously working on getting out solid standards for the industry to use. 

There are several notable industry groups working on cloud security standards, such as, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) who are working off of common ISO security standards and Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) who are vendor backed and are part of the CSA.  The CSA has even created the Security Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR) so that customers can access this registry to get insight on whether cloud providers they are considering have implemented sufficient security measures.   For storage standards specifically there is the Storage Networking Industry Association along with their CDMI efforts.  The federal government has even had their CIO Council lay out 150 cloud security controls. Hopefully all security industry groups are working collaboratively together to ensure consistency in the standards for all vendors who will have to eventually follow and ensure cloud federation to be transparent but this is a ‘wait and see’.

To learn more and to read the entire article at its source, please refer to the following page, VMware vSphere Blog: Cloud Security Standards, Are they coming to a cloud near you?- VMware Blogs


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