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VKernel Releases Performance Analyzer! Takes VMware vCenter Beyond Simple Monitoring


VKernel, the award winning provider of enterprise class capacity and performance management products for virtualized data centers and the cloud, announced today general availability of the new VKernel Performance Analyzer. Tapping into experience with over 600 global customers, VKernel Performance Analyzer is designed to monitor, diagnose, and resolve performance issues in virtual environments. Performance Analyzer complements the existing monitoring capabilities in VMware vCenter with real time analysis of system metrics and alerts to determine both abnormal trends and root cause, impact, and resolution of VMware performance issues. Performance Analyzer 1.0 ships as a new product in the award winning VKernel Capacity Management Suite, which is being renamed to reflect these new broader capabilities as the VKernel vOperations Suite or vOPS 3.0.

New Performance Analyzer
As more and more business critical applications migrate to virtual infrastructures, the need to maintain confidence in the performance of these applications only intensifies. Failure to sustain VMware performance results in VM deployment stall, downtime and availability issues. Unfortunately, monitoring, diagnosing, and resolving VMware performance issues is extremely complex due to the shared nature of resources. The complexity in resolving issues is amplified by the overabundance of metrics, alarms and alerts that overwhelm a virtualization administrator with information.

Solving this problem requires three steps: monitoring, diagnosis and resolution. Most monitoring systems only repackage performance data, recreating capabilities available in VMware vCenter. They also lack the analytic capabilities to offer issue diagnosis or resolution steps. Other monitoring systems that use general mathematical modeling to discern issue root causes lack virtualization domain knowledge and while sometimes identifies where a problem lies, cannot offer specific remediation steps.

VKernel Performance Analyzer is designed to complement the existing monitoring capabilities in VMware vCenter to provide both the diagnosis and resolution of VMware performance problems. Performance Analyzer uses real time analysis of system alerts and metrics to determine both abnormal trends and root cause, impact and resolution of current VMware performance issues. Performance Analyzer combines trend, sequencing and relationship/connectivity analyses with decision algorithms that build in deep domain-specific knowledge to produce actual problem resolutions for virtualization administrators. Performance Analyzer accomplishes this, however, with a simple to download, easy to use application that provides value to system administrators within an hour of installation.

VKernel Performance Analyzer is designed to meet the demands of the following use cases:

  • One click resolution to clear root cause issues
  • Visibility through VMware vCenter alert storms
  • Impact analysis of issues on all connected VMs, datastores and hosts
  • Gain early warning to possible problems in your environment based on abnormal trends
  • Understand where current VMware performance bottlenecks exist in the environment

Supporting these cases results in rapid problem resolution, improved availability, reduced downtime and better confidence in your virtual infrastructure.

  • Performance Analyzer Included in New vOPS 3.0
  • Performance Analyzer ships as part of the new VKernel vOperations Suite. Formerly knows as the VKernel Capacity Management Suite, the new vOperations Suite 3.0 (vOPS) is designed to simplify the complex process of enterprise class capacity and performance management. Performance Analyzer is the latest application in the suite solely focused on the needs of real time performance analysis. Performance Analyzer joins Capacity Manager, Optimizer, and newly integrated Reporting and Chargeback applications to provide the industry’s most comprehensive virtualization management suite.

“In a virtualized environment it can be difficult to find the root cause of a problem because the symptoms often point you in the wrong direction – a datastore problem can present itself as several VMs with reduced performance. This certainly adds to the time it takes to resolve issues and can be frustrating for everyone involved,” said Richard Meyer, Systems Technician, Wiley Publishing. “Seeing this need, VKernel has built on everything they’ve done thus far and stepped in again with tools to do just that, with as little or as much detail on the problem as you’d like all packaged in an improved user interface. VKernel’s new Performance Analyzer extends their product from the realm of Sys Admin into that of day-to-day operations and I’m excited to work with it.”

“VKernel’s new Performance Analyzer broadens their portfolio to assist those enterprises looking for real time performance monitoring,” said Bernd Harzog, Analyst for Virtualization Performance and Capacity Management at industry analyst firm, The Virtualization Practice. “Their approach of complimenting, not competing with vCenter, by analyzing vCenter alerts and metrics is a smart one. Prospects looking to deploy a monitoring solution should now include VKernel in their selection process.”

“Our new Performance Analyzer provides virtualization administrators with an easy-to-download and deploy solution that is sophisticated enough to provide real time analytics — while at the same time compliments the monitoring in vCenter with real time problem resolution,” said Eric Jackson, VP of Product Management, VKernel. “Unlike general purpose analytics tools, Performance Analyzer applies both domain knowledge and self-learning trend analysis to develop actionable recommendations for virtualization administrators, making it a one-of-a-kind solution in the industry.”

General Availability
VKernel Performance Analyzer, part of the new vOperations Suite, is available for a 30-day trial from http://www.vkernel.com. Pricing starts at $299 per socket per application.

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