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Unify Endpoint Management Across Mobile and Desktop by Mark Margevicius

Session Description

Laptops continue to be an integral part of how people work. However, management practices and tools for PC environments, including Chrome, Mac, and Windows, have traditionally been different than those for mobile environments, such as Android, iOS, and BlackBerry. Users can work between devices like never before, and IT needs to keep up. The fragmentation of administrative and maintenance processes has decreased IT productivity and led to inconsistent security policies, app delivery and reporting–until now. PC and mobile platforms are converging and IT administrators can now support all user endpoints, including laptops, with a unified endpoint management (UEM) from AirWatch.



markmargevicius250Mark’s primary function is to assist customers in understanding the trends and directions of the End User Computing landscape. In this advisory role he will be giving tactical guidance on EUC initiatives and assisting in EUC strategy development in the areas of desktop transformation, mobile computing, DaaS, VDI, and desktop virtualization. He joined VMware after spending 16 years at Gartner Research where he most recently served as vice president and research director, covering end-user computing with a primary focus on desktop virtualization, hosted virtual desktops, PC hardware, and server-based computing. During this time, he assisted clients in the selection of solutions appropriate for their needs and best practices for client-side policies and procedures. Prior to Gartner, Mark spent 9 years at KeyBank, a regional bank in Ohio where he was vice president overseeing infrastructure operations and desktop support. Mark proudly calls Cleveland his home, has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Akron and also holds an MBA from Baldwin Wallace University.

Chat Log
username Message
Barry Flanagan Be sure to visit Hogan consulting at HoganCG.com
Nick Christopherson Sweet! Learning so much and prizes! Love it!
Frank Lempitsky lost audio
Simon Bramfitt working OK here
Barry Flanagan Mark is on now
Terry Manley Lost audio and presentation
Barry Flanagan Try leaving session and returning - still working for me
Altan Ng Audio is fine
Terry Manley Left and returned to session...that worked!
Terry Manley Left and returned to session...that worked!
Barry Flanagan Glad to hear it Terry
Barry Flanagan Love this slide
Mark Margevicius me too!
Brian Whiting How to communicate the VMware solution benefits over other options, such as InTune in particular?
Michel Bargone Nice, I can't wait for customer asking this king of product
Leo Gonzalez Impressive Conference thus far. It's got me rethinking our road map at our hospital.
Barry Flanagan Glad to hear it Leo. Depending on your location, one of our partners sponsors in conjunction with VMware would be happy to meet with you to help you learn more
Barry Flanagan UEM is not just for virtual - works with physical desktops too
Barry Flanagan You can learn more here - External Link [pdf]
Leo Gonzalez Dane Young is my main man. I've been working with Dane before Citrix changed to XenApp.
Dane Young Hey Leo, good to see you on here! Feel free to reach out to Jason and we'll get something setup for you! 🙂
Leo Gonzalez Great, thanks Dane.
Dan Dover #Mark, you bring up a good point about the personal in PC. I have 4 devoces in front of me right now and I can see the potentail on a personal level.
Paul Sisk This is phenomenal! Great demo.
Mark Margevicius @Dan, typical users have somewhere between 2.7 to 3.1 devices that they use to gain access to organizational data
Mark Margevicius Glad you like it @Paul
Brian Whiting visio running native on Mac? That's cool. Does it tie into Fusion requirement?
Bob Yuen Love VMware Products
Mark Margevicius @Brian, no, not running local. Visio is remoted to the user from Horizon.
Brian Whiting Nice.
Wouter Kursten if only all customers would pay for all those nice VMware gadgets.
Phil Alberta Very cool. Self service
Barry Flanagan #MARK - Wish my wife would buy me a brand new laptop...
Erik Leatherman Hah, trying to sell the company on WS1, now I need to sell them on getting endpoints to Win 10 sooner...
Brian Whiting Wouter- would be nice to have open check for all this... challenge.
Christopher Reed #Erik Focus on the resources your people need and the OS will come along.
Christopher Reed WS1 brings People and thier resources together
Barry Flanagan With AirWatch as part of WorkSpace One you can mange all your mobile devices AND Windows 10 PCs - and provide a single point of access and identity mgmt for all users
Stephane Quevillon The ability to aggregate most application under a single portal, with identify management and self-service portal - that is very powerful!
Dan Dover How many users does a company need to have for Workspace ONE to be cost effective?
Paul Sisk Solve the mobility - BYO solution and solve all the other sections mentioned....
Christopher Reed We have customers with 50 Users to thousands
Brian Whiting great point. Need to think about mobility and all its use cases and how it impacts the organizations business.
Paul Sisk The ability to put workspace, apps, services, web apps, etc., all in the cloud for secure access on mobile...thats the ticket. all the other connectivity scenario's are easy compared to that.
Todd Maiorano Great Info
Erik Leatherman Need to get our Desktop side to stop thinking about Desktop support and realize they'll only Mobile device support in the end.
Brian Whiting Does Airwatch Express have ability to tie into on-premises IDM?
Paul Sisk OK, wait a minute. I WILL NOT run Visio on a smart watch!!!
Mark Margevicius @Erik, it's a tough challenge. People challenges tend to be difficult.
Christopher Reed #Paul Nano Computing starts here. Bring a mangifying glass.
marc wilkinson LOL ... my watch is too busy running Project
Erik Leatherman Hah, don't knock it till you try it Paul!!
Altan Ng Thanks Mark
Scott markman Thank you for the great info!!
Brian Whiting Great stuff.
Tony Forte <font color='blue'>Nice presentation, thx!</font>
mark rice live mic gentlemen
mark rice
Stephane Quevillon Counting what is in front of me right now... home PC with three monitors for heavy work, a Microsoft Surface Book for the road, an iPhone working everwhere and a Fitbiz Blaze on my wrist for getting notifications! That's four for me!
David Morgan ?
Bob Yuen lots of information to digest
Paul Sisk FYI, we HEAR YOU
Erik Leatherman Just need a projector built into your smart watch!
Christopher Reed #Paul plays a mean Radio
David Morgan I played the AM radio
Mark Margevicius Thanks for the kind words! any further questions feel free to reach out at mmargevicius@vmware.com
Dan Dover These presentations have been well worth my time! Thank you.

A EUC focused event sponsored by AEC Group, Entisys360, Hogan Consulting Group, IntraSystems, IPM and Right! Systems







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