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Top 5 FSLogix Blogs of 2017

Top 5 FSLogix Blogs of 2017

With 2017 almost in the books, and many of us ready to spend the holidays with friends and family, what better time to reflect back on the Top 5 FSLogix Blogs of 2017. FSLogix would like to extend a special thanks to all of the industry experts that have contributed to the FSLogix Blog space. So without further ado, here are the Top 5 FSLogix Blogs of 2017:

5. Today We Learn About Elevation, Integrity Levels, and UIAcess

Tim Mangan, a stalwart in the App-V space, shares what he’s learned regarding App-V and elevated privileges to provide “great value to those who deal with deploying applications.”

“Most enterprise policies, and Microsoft recommended practices, restrict most users from knowing accounts and passwords that have administrative access, preventing such applications from ever being deployed natively. When natively deployed, these applications would cause UAC prompts requiring the end user to know credentials for an account with administrative access, which is unacceptable. The biggest impact that App-V can have on these processes is that while running under App-V, elevation might no longer be necessary.” Read on…

Read the entire article here, Top 5 FSLogix Blogs of 2017

Via the fine folks at FSLogix.


Founded by industry veterans Kevin Goodman and Randy Cook, FSLogix is a startup that came out of stealth mode at BriForum Chicago 2013. FSLogix Apps provides Dynamic Application Visibility, which enables policy-based control of when any application is visible to individual users or groups from a single golden image. With FSLogix Apps, IT administrators realize the benefits of application virtualization for all Windows® applications on physical, VDI and Citrix/RDSH platforms.FSLogix Apps is an advanced application filtering solution that enables administrators to dramatically reduce the number of images required to support any enterprise, with any deployment system, on any Windows based infrastructure. FSLogix Apps delivers Dynamic Application Visibility, and policy based control of application visibility to individual users or groups from a single golden image.

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