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The Thrilla in California: Citrix Dukes it out with VMware over Virtualization Performance and VMware’s EULA


In this amazing video Citrix CTO Simon Crosby and VMware Technical Marketing Manager Scott Drummonds debate virtualization / hypervisor performance. This video was recorded at the Burton Group Catalyst Conference North America 2009 and is moderated by Chris Wolf

For the past 2 years, Citrix and VMware have used the blogosphere as their virtual sparring ground for a debate on hypervisor performance. While each vendor has contributed a wealth of information on virtual infrastructure performance to the online community, both continue to passionately disagree on how their respective hypervisors stand up to enterprise-class production workloads, as well as how best to measure performance in virtual environments.
In this debate, VMware and Citrix have offered their most knowledgeable and passionate voices in the realm of virtual infrastructure performance: Simon Crosby (CTO – Citrix) and Scott Drummonds (Manager, Technical Marketing VMware). In this fast-paced debate, come to hear both vendors take off the gloves and get to the bottom of where their hypervisors stand with regards to performance. Attendees will have an opportunity to provide questions for the debaters, and the following topics will also be addressed: 
  • Technical nuances that offer the greatest performance benefit/detriment to VMware and Xen hypervisors
  • Effective methods for measuring hypervisor performance
  • Barriers to performance scalability
To learn more and to read the entire article at its source, please refer to the following page, Burton Group Catalyst Conference North America 2009

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