As promised in my article about the Apple Watch I would write an update as soon as I have tested it as a remote control. I can happily tell you, the time has come! Last week, I had the chance to present at a mobility event. I presented from my iPad and used the Apple Watch as a remote control. But let me start from the beginning.

Of course, I tried it out before I had to give the presentation. I had experience using my iPhone as a remote control, which is pretty practical as you can walk around and you can see a preview of the next slide on your iPhone screen. But still, it’s quite big in your hands and having the Apple Watch, I thought how cool would it be if you can simply touch your wrist and the next slide appears. So, I was on a mission to figure all that out.

What do you need to do?

First of all, even though, I had just installed Watch OS 2, the watch still needed the phone to be able to communicate with the iPad. That’s a bit overkill… but well, I…