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The App is the Stack!

The App is the Stack!

I wrote my first (and admittedly very amateurish) rap song. Here is the chronology of the inspiration behind it:

05/02/2017:  Nutanix announced that it’s software now runs on HPE
05/05/2017:  HPE VP Marketing, Paul Miller, wrote a post on HPE Community Home titled, Don’t be Misled…HPE and Nutanix are not Partners
05/12/2017:  I wrote what I thought was a polite post in response saying that HPE makes good servers, Nutanix makes good software and both organizations are contractually bound to support each other. Customers win.
05/22/2017: Miller came back with another article dissing my post. He directed several challenges to me as the author.

I thought about responding again with a conventional post, but Miller made claims such as, “By definition, hyperconverged is integrated hardware…”  I mean, how do I respond to something like that?  Besides, Josh Odgers already authored a technical 7-part blog series that decimates HPE’s ridiculously misleading emoji ad campaign targeting Nutanix (HPE subsequently ceased their campaign).

I kept thinking about Miller’s challenges, but decided rather than continue with boring blog post battles, I thought I’d have some fun and address his claims in rap (I’ve been told it’s called hiphop now…just shows how much I know about the genre). The lyrics are posted below, and you can listen to a rendition here that’s even set to a beat.

Read the entire article here, The app is the stack

via Steve Kaplan at ByTheBell.com

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Steve Kaplan Steve Kaplan (@ROIdude on Twitter) is Vice President of Client Strategy for Nutanix. Kaplan formerly co-founded, ran and sold two IT professional services businesses. Along with writing hundreds of articles and white papers, he has co-authored 7 books on Citrix technologies (all Official Citrix Guides) and 3 books on VMware technologies. Kaplan frequently presents on virtualization and cloud at venues across the globe. He helped pioneer the ROI methodologies used in the virtualization and has held positions on the advisory boards of several industry manufactures including Microsoft and EMC. Kaplan was both a Microsoft MVP (4 years) and VMware vExpert (7 years). Kaplan has an MBA from Northwestern and a BS in Business Administration from UC Berkeley.

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