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Taking VDI and Published Application Environments to the Next Level with App Volumes by Sachin Sharma

Session Description

VMware App Volumes is a portfolio of application and user management solutions for VMware Horizon, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and RDSH virtual environments. These solutions take desktop and application environments to the next level by providing faster application delivery, unified application, and user management, while dramatically reducing IT costs. Join us to learn about the many benefits App Volumes provides, learn what’s new, and watch a live demo.



sachinsharma_headshot4Sachin Sharma is a Product Line Marketing Manager at VMware. He focuses on product marketing for End-User Computing products, such as App Volumes. Prior to VMware, he was a Sr. Systems Engineer at Wanova, which was acquired by VMware and developed the Mirage product. Prior to that, he was in several systems engineering, pre-sales engineering, and consulting roles, including with Nimsoft, which was acquired by CA Technologies. He has over 12 years of experience in various IT and systems management roles.

Chat Log
user message
Barry Flanagan Sachin is up now with App Volumes session
Lars Berntrop-Bos Ah. You're much better now I see
David Marshall App Volumes... going to be cool.
Sachin Sharma Happy to answer any questions you might have!
Frank Lempitsky Can he discuss how it is different than Unidesk?
Sachin Sharma App Volumes and Unidesk aim to simplify application delivery and management, but there are some key differences between the two products. For example, with Unidesk, you work with layers and need more control over the entire VM. With App Volumes, you can use containers that are just simple VMDK/VHD mounts full of apps, so no VM control is needed.
Sachin Sharma That's just one example - email me at sachinsharma@vmware.com if you want more of a deep dive
Altan Ng Plan to try it out soon!
Sachin Sharma @Altan - check out the free hands on lab for App Volumes: vmware.com/go/avlab
Barry Flanagan App Volumes Enterprise include App Volumes, UEM and vRealize - all work with both Horizon and Citrix
Barry Flanagan App Volumes for Citrix ebook here - External Link
Brian Whiting We use and like the AV 2.10 very much. Only nagging thing is increased user logon times with we assign multiple appstacks to that user.
Altan Ng Thanks will check that avlab
Lars Berntrop-Bos <font color='green'>Is the chat log also being published after the event? It has a lot of useful links in it! </font>
Sachin Sharma @Brian - we are working on optimizing that. More to come soon 🙂
Brian Whiting awesome. Great to hear that!
Bob Yuen can you package antivirus?
Michel Bargone Good question
Michel Bargone In fact what is not packageable
Frank Lempitsky Sounds like the Winstall process from 1997 when I was packaging applications
Sachin Sharma @Bob - antivirus is not a good candidate to be contained in an AppStack
Sachin Sharma
Wouter Kursten I still want to clean it up to keep the appstack lean and mean
Sachin Sharma Applications running when a user is logged out should be installed in a base image and not an AppStack
Wouter Kursten what about backing up writeable volumes?
Bob Yuen ok
Sachin Sharma Other things not recommended are security apps or OS patches
Sachin Sharma @Wouter - we currently have a fling that you can use to backup writeable volumes: External Link
Sachin Sharma Working to get it into the product.
Wouter Kursten hmmz that's a pretty nasty method but would work
Scott markman very interesting
David Marshall is this uem from the Immidio acquisition?
Brennan Harper It is.
Barry Flanagan Yes this is from Immidio - it has continued to evolve
David Marshall Thanks
Frank Lempitsky Loved Immidio
Frank Lempitsky Is there anything that Lakeside SysTrack does not give you?
Barry Flanagan App Volumes FAQ here - External Link [pdf]
Sachin Sharma @Frank, can you please elaborate about SysTrack?
Barry Flanagan Frank - LakeSide and vRealize are complimentary
Frank Lempitsky I use Lakeside SysTrack to help with User experience, Use it upfront and on going to see application and user machine issues
Barry Flanagan We partner with Lakeside - you can get a free Systracv Desktop assessment at assessment.vmware.com
Frank Lempitsky I was wondering what I get from VRealize for Desktops I would not get from SysTrack. I know they are comlimentary just wanted to see the view you had about the feature sets.
Sachin Sharma Ah - from a monitoring standpoint, vRealize Operations is able to monitor the entire stack. This starts from your infrastructure, typically on ESXi, through your sessions, apps, and users.
Sachin Sharma They are complimentary solutions.
Frank Lempitsky I know I am a partner as well and I use the SDA but with the full SysTrack I get the complete feature set I can show the customer. 95% of my customers I sue SysTrack with have purchased perpetual licenses.
marc wilkinson cool
Frank Lempitsky When will 3 be released and fully functional.
Altan Ng nice
Lars Berntrop-Bos <font color='green'>Is the chat log also being published after the event? It has a lot of useful links in it! </font>
Sachin Sharma @Frank - we are working on both 2.x releases, which we recommend for all on-premises production deployments, and 3.0 will also continue to evolve but focused on cloud, such as Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode. Look for these two to converge in the future, next year.
Lars Berntrop-Bos Any experience with providing IBM Notes?
Kevin King This has been helpful. Thank you.
David Marshall What a great session!
Thomas Krampe Not sure which technology is better AppVolumes or AppDisks from Citrix
Brennan Harper The hands on labs are very good resources to get familiar with AV - That would be a great place to start when looking at the management side.
Frank Lempitsky Very interesting, I have used it but limited to this point.
Sachin Sharma @Lars - I don't personally, but can give you more info. Email me at sachinsharma@vmware.com
Mallery Prall Great Session Sachin!
Nitesh Bharadia Sachin what materials are there for putting a Proof of concept together
Altan Ng Thank you very much Sachin, it was really helpful!
Altan Ng
Erik Leatherman Thanks Sachin!
Barry Flanagan Next giveaway is about to start
Søren Overgaard Bendtsen Nice 😉
Thomas Krampe Will try more at VMware labs
Lars Berntrop-Bos Thank you Sachin!
Barry Flanagan great session Sachin!
Barry Flanagan great session Sachin!
Frank Lempitsky Did we lose audio again?
Frank Lempitsky Did we lose audio again?
Frank Lempitsky Did we lose audio again?
Frank Lempitsky Did we lose audio again?
Frank Lempitsky Did we lose audio again?
Frank Lempitsky Did we lose audio again?
Thomas Krampe Thanks Sachin! great insides
Erik Leatherman No audio here at the moment.
Thomas Krampe Silence ....?
Nitesh Bharadia i can't hear anything
marc wilkinson great session, and compelling demo
Tony Forte <font color='blue'>No audio ,,,</font>
David Marshall re:audio #Frank looks like it on my side as well
Frank Lempitsky no audio
Sachin Sharma @Nitesh - we just released our reviewer's guide, start with that: External Link
Christopher Reed I don't think anyone is talking
Kevin King I think they are just switching over presenters
Sachin Sharma No audio right now. Just give it a few mins until the next session.
Thomas Krampe So Philip can you say something
Barry Flanagan about to start next session
Giri Sonty ....
Nitesh Bharadia thanks sachin
Thomas Krampe Audio back
marc wilkinson and ... audio is back
Frank Lempitsky Audio back
Barry Flanagan if you cannot get audio - try going to conference lobby then renter session
Barry Flanagan re-enter session
Terry Manley another great session! Thanks again!

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