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Docker joins the unikernel bandwagon with new acquisition

Another year, another new trend entering the industry agenda. Docker Inc. set the wheels in motion this morning with the acquisition of Unikernel Systems Ltd, a U.K.-based startup founded by the original creators of the Xen hypervisor. Its namesake technology holds the potential to kick up the modularization of cloud services several notches. The unikernel is […]

Why GlobalLogic Uses Xen (Overheard at CES)

The Xen Project
We were lucky to have the opportunity to meet up with GlobalLogic at CES and talk to them about their Nautilus platform for automotive virtualization. A few years ago, no one understood why the company was demoing hypervisor technology as a part of Nautilus, a set of solution accelerators that includes architectural concepts, a modified […]

Interview with Xen Open-Source Virtualization Founder and Citrix VP Ian Pratt – Episode 67

In episode 67, Douglas Brown interviews Ian Pratt, Vice President of Advanced Products for Citrix Systems, Inc.   Ian is also the co-founder of XenSource, the company Citrix bought and turned into the XenServer solution, along with the head of development of the Xen open-source hypervisor project.  Needless to say we were very excited to have […]

Xen Project Starts the New Year with a Bang!

The Xen Project
January Features Major Xen Project Activities at Two of the Biggest FOSS Conferences of the Year! The Xen Project is starting 2016 on a high note by sponsoring major events at both the largest community-run FOSS conference in North America (SCALE) and the world (FOSDEM). In addition to a flurry of technical talks in the […]

Future of Xen Project: Video Spotlight Interview with Citrix’s George Dunlap

The Xen Project
In this video, George Dunlap Senior Engineer of Citrix explains how and why Citrix works with the Xen Project, why companies use Xen Project Hypervisor, and new opportunities for the future of this technology. Citrix Systems designs, develops and markets technology solutions that enable information technology (IT) services. Citrix has always been committed to the […]

Xen Project Contributor Training v2

The Xen Project
Two weeks ago, I embarked onto a road trip to China with the aim to meet Xen Project users as well as contributors. I visited a number of vendors in Hangzhou and Beijing on this trip. Part of the objective was to give training to new contributors and developers, and to strengthen existing relationships. Hypervisor […]

NVIDIA M60 Support on Citrix XenServer

Citrix Xenserver recently added support for Maxwell core architecture based Tesla M60 cards with its 6.5 SP1 release for Windows OS. Tesla M60 is the first of its kind, dual GM204 solution featuring two fully enabled GM204 GPUs and 16GB of GDDR5 released in the consumer market. The M60 is a full size, dual slot […]

Citrix’s boutique virtualization strategy is working. Mostly

Citrix has taken the unusual step of releasing some market share data that doesn’t show it in a completely flattering light. Citrix more or less backed out of the mainstream server virtualisation market in 2013 and 2014. In the latter year analyst firm Gartner said the company “is no longer investing strictly to keep up with […]

Best Quality and Quantity of Contributions in the New Xen Project 4.6 Release

The Xen Project
I’m pleased to announce the release of Xen Project Hypervisor 4.6. This release focused on improving code quality, security hardening, enablement of security appliances, and release cycle predictability — this is the most punctual release we have ever had. We had a significant amount of contributions from cloud providers, software vendors, hardware vendors, academic researchers […]

Innovation in the Cloud Conference – Presented by The Xen Project

What New Things Are Coming for the Cloud? It”s not enough to know what today”s cloud looks like.  You need to develop an eye toward the future of the cloud as well. The Xen Project is proud to organize this conference for architects and users of clouds and virtualization of all types.  Across the Free […]

Xen now available in CentOS 7 for ARM64 servers

The Xen Project
A little more than a week ago at Linaro Connect SFO15 in Burlingame Jim Perrin of the CentOS project publicly announced the availability of the Xen hypervisor in CentOS 7 for ARM64 (also known as aarch64). Jim and I have been working closely with George Dunlap, maintainer of Xen in CentOS for the x86 architecture, […]

Xen Project Participates in Round 11 of Outreachy

The Xen Project
This is a quick reminder that the Xen Project is again participating in Outreachy (Round 11). Please check the round 11 page for more information about the December 2015 to March 2015 round of interships. Outreach Program for Women has been helping women (cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people get involved in free […]

Citrix Pulls the Plug on XenClient

XenClient has been taken off of life support by Citrix. In a short, muddled announcement, Citrix said that XenClient has "officially started into the End-of-Life process." The last day that it will be for sale is next week — Oct. 1 — with End-of-Maintenance scheduled just a few months later, on Dec. 12, 2015. End-of-Life is […]

The Curious Case of the Escaping Virtual Machine

A few weeks ago, a patch was issued for the widely used Xen hypervisor to fix a massive security hole. It didn’t get as much coverage as the VENOM bug earlier in the year, but the vulnerability is similar, it allows a guest Virtual Machine to access the Host Operating System, possibly running code on […]

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