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Citrix Xen Virtualization Swallows A “Blue Pill”

Three security researchers have demonstrated security flaws in the Xen hypervisor, but claim the problems could extend to other virtualization systems. Joanna Rutkowska, Alexander Tereshkin and Rafal Wojtczuk from Invisible Things Lab demonstrated a number of ways to compromise Xen’s virtualization and the processes it virtualized at Black Hat 2008. They called their series of […]

Virtualization Security Showdown at Black Hat

Next week at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, security researcher Joanna Rutkowska promises to demonstrate how a malicious attacker, working remotely, could take control of the open-source Xen virtualization software. If successful, Rutkowska and her team will be the first researchers to demonstrate how to compromise a Xen hypervisor, that crucial layer of […]

Citrix vs. Xen: Citrix CTO Responds

Simon Crosby, CTO of Citrix’s Virtualization Management group, contacted me after reading the post, Citrix versus the Xen community, to clear up some misconceptions that he thought were the basis of my post. After reading his message, it’s clear that what he had to say was very persuasive. Thanks Simon for taking the time to […]

Citrix Versus The Xen Community

As the virtual machine software competition heats up, one would expect representatives of each of the suppliers to take shots at one another in the media. I’ve seen a recent example of this.Two of the proponents of Xen, Citrix and Virtual Iron, appear to be having at it in the media. Pot shotsOn July 3, […]

Citrix, Virtual Iron Duke It Out over Open Source Virtualization

Name-calling and rude remarks are the order of the day amid invocations to the holy spirit of the open source community. A war of words has erupted between two bitter opponents in the Xen open source-based hypervisor market. Citrix, which owns XenSource and drives the Xen project, has insulted arch-rival Virtual Iron, saying, among other […]

Virtualization Security: Hacking The Hypervisor

Security researchers from Invisible Things Lab will be demonstrating (they say) just how easy it is to hack the hypervisor. More specifically, they’ll be discussing the (in)security of the Xen hypervisor, such as how to plant rootkits, how to bypass various hypervisor anti-subverting techniques, as well as how "Bluepills" can be used in bare-metal hypervisor […]

Hyper-V Virtualization and the Future of Citrix XenServer

Yesterday, Brian Madden wrote an interesting editorial about how he thinks that Citrix will drop the Xen hypervisor in favor of Hyper-V, and will essentially "port" XenServer to run on Hyper-V. Keith Ward at Virtualization Review picked up on this in his post titled "The End of Xen?". Today, Brian posted a follow-up article clarifying […]

Red Hat Launches oVirt Embedded KVM Hypervisor Project

There’s more than one way to make money from operating systems. Considering that hypervisors are really a kind of primitive operating system (or software-embodied hardware, if you want to hurt your head thinking about it too much) and that there is money to be made here, you can bet that most commercial operating system suppliers […]

Novell Validates Windows Server 2008 On Its Virtualization Platform

Novell has joined Microsoft’s new Server Virtualisation Validation Programme to support Windows Server 2008. As a result, users will be able to run Windows Server 2008 as a virtualised guest on top of the Xen hypervisor in SUSE Linux Enterprise 10, and receive co-operative support from either company. Novell is currently running the tests required […]

Novell Joins Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program

Novell(R) today announced it has joined Microsoft’s Server Virtualization Validation Program. As a result of Novell’s participation in this program, customers will be able to confidently run Windows Server 2008 as a virtualized guest on top of the Xen hypervisor in SUSE(R) Linux Enterprise 10 and receive cooperative support from either company. Novell is currently […]

Inside Virtual Iron’s New Virtualization Strategy

It might be a good idea to keep an eye on Virtual Iron during the next few months. Not because it recently changed its strategy away from a head-to-head competition in the virtualization market with VMware to one in which it focuses on the small- to mid-sized businesses. That’s a good enough reason, if you’re […]

triCerat Unveils Its Workstation and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Management Solutions At Citrix Synergy

IT budgets can now shift more dollars to business growth and away from IT maintenance expenses. As Nicholas Carr, an esteemed author who has published books and articles on technology, business, and culture, stated in the opening keynote yesterday morning, “seventy percent of IT budgets are spent on keeping things running and only thirty percent […]

Neocleus Redefines Endpoint Management and Security with Breakthrough Virtualization Platform

Industry Pioneer Extends Xen Server Hypervisor to Endpoints Such as Desktops and Laptops and Fosters Ecosystem of Innovation via Open Source Contributions Neocleus, a pioneer in virtualization that is fundamentally changing how endpoints operate, today announced that it has completed more than 18 months of work to enhance the Xen hypervisor to work directly on […]

Novell Developing Stand-Alone Xen-Based Hypervisor Product

Novell’s hypervisor product will be available later in 2008 and is based on the Xen hypervisor found in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.    Novell is quietly working on a stand-alone hypervisor product that will be based on the Xen hypervisor found in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.   Novell executives demonstrated the product, which […]

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