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Under Construction: What Changes to Expect in VMware’s Remake

While Wall Street murmurs, grumbles, and balks over whether or not VMware stock is a worthy long-term investment, anyone dealing with enterprise virtualization has their own worries. These are practical worries, such as what might happen to popular products like VMware Workstation and Fusion. The Report That Shook VMware While Wall Street frets over profit […]

VMware: Learn how to upload virtual machines from VMware Workstation 12 to vCloud Air

In our previous video tutorial Learn how to connect VMware Workstation to vCloud Air, we demonstrated how quick and easy it is to connect your VMware Workstation application to a vCloud Air instance. In this video tutorial we show how you can upload a virtual machine from your Workstation installation to a vCloud Air environment. […]

VMware: Learn how to connect VMware Workstation to vCloud Air

Did you know that you can connect your VMware Workstation application to a VMware vCloud Air instance? Well, in this short and snappy video tutorial you will learn how you do just that. For additional information and instructions, see VMware Knowledge Base article Connecting to VMware vCloud Air using VMware Workstation (2097394). This entry was […]

VMware Workstation – No Experience Necessary

IT Books
Get started from scratch with Vmware Workstation using this essential guide. Taking you from installation on Windows or Linux through to advanced virtual machine features, you’ll be setting up a test environment in no time. Overview Create virtual machines on Linux and Windows hosts Create advanced test labs that help in getting back to any […]

VMware Releases Workstation 12.1

VMware released updates to both Workstation 12 Pro andWorkstation 12 Player, bringing the latest version to 12.1 (not to be confused with 12.0.1 released a few months ago) A large number of bug fixes have made their wayinto this release, including the following: Fixes an issues with the Easy Install process misinterpreting Windows 10 Version […]

VMware Workstation 12.1 Available Now

Today we’ve released updates to both Workstation 12 Pro and Workstation 12 Player, bringing the latest version to 12.1 (not to be confused with 12.0.1 released a few months ago) A large number of bug fixes have made their way into this release, including the following: Fixes an issues with the Easy Install process misinterpreting Windows 10 Version […]

Cross vCenter vMotion: Free your workloads across your datacentres with VMTurbo

What’s your vMotion Story? If you have worked in IT for long enough, then you will have a vCenter vMotion story. The very first time you saw vMotion work. And the slow realisation about how it was going to change our jobs forever. For me, I had been playing around with VMware Workstation and Microsoft […]

VMware Annouces VMware Workstation 11 and VMware Player 7 Pro

VMware accouned VMware Workstation 11 and VMware Player 7 Pro! VMware Workstation 11 VMware Workstation™ 11 delivers leading-edge features and performance that technical professionals rely on every day when working with virtual machines. With support for the latest version of Windows and Linux, the latest processors and hardware, and the ability to connect to VMware vCloud […]

Unbelievable granularity with file level views from Backup Capacity Tool

One of the best things about the recently introduced Free Unitrends Backup Capacity Tool is that it gives you visibility into file level detail in your backup storage environment.  Essentially you get a point in time snapshot of all your files to help calculate backup sizing requirements.  Plus you get incredible granular level file reports across your […]

What’s New in InstallShield 2014 Webinar

Flexera Software
InstallShield is the leading Windows installer designed for traditional and agile development teams and their Windows and application virtualization installations requirements. InstallShield provides software developers support for the latest desktop computing technologies and unique solutions that simplify the deployment of web/server applications to cloud, web, virtual, and traditional environments. The newest version, InstallShield 2014, continues […]

Workstation Zealot: What’s Cool about the VMware KVM Utility.

VMware Workstation 10 comes with a handy utility which allows you to switch between active VMs (virtual machines) using a configurable hot key just like a KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switch. The benefit of using the VMware KVM utility is the VMs can be run in full-screen without launching the Workstation 10 interface (no tool […]

Network Teaming Issues with Windows Server 2012 R2 in VMware Workstation

I have been using VMware Workstation for my lab for several years now. Using Client Hyper-V just does not cut it for me because I have been working with different hypervisors lately and need nested virtualization. But I have not been able to get network teaming to work in Windows Server 2012 R2. Now, I […]

Running nested Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V on Windows 8 Client Hyper-V & Alternatives

Windows 8 has a nice feature called Client Hyper-V. This allows you to run virtual machines on Windows 8 just like running virtual machines on Windows Server Hyper-V. Client Hyper-V has the same functionality as VMware Workstation however Client Hyper-V is a free feature of a Windows 8 Pro edition licensed device. This posting has a short overview of […]

VMware Horizon Suite 1.0 Licensing

This VMware article provides guidelines about the VMware Horizon Suite 1.0 user licensing. This suite includes the VMware Horizon View, VMware Horizon Mirage, and VMware Horizon Workspace bundles. Licensing of users is according to which Horizon bundle or suite you purchase:  Bundle or Suite Components Type of License Horizon View Horizon View ThinApp Workstation * […]

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