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Certeon Announces aCelera Application Acceleration Virtual Appliance Support for VMware vSphere

aCelera Software Works with VMware to Further Next-Generation Computing and Enable Customers to Benefit from the Cloud OS Certeon Inc., the first and only provider to deliver a VMware certified virtual appliance for application acceleration, today announced its aCelera Virtual Appliance for Application Acceleration supports VMware vSphere™. Launched today, VMware vSphere is the industry’s first […]

vSphere and Storage — What’s coming in vStorage?

On April 21st, VMware is expected to announce vSphere and part of vSphere is vStorage. Best bets are that vStorage will have vStorage APIs Better support for storage multipathing. Not clear whether this will be EMC’s PowerPath embedded into vStorage or just tighter integration with PowerPath. PowerPath provides full active/active load balancing, failover, failback and […]

VMware vSphere 4 (ESX 4.0, vCenter 4.0) Alarms and Host Profiles

Some are speculating that next Tuesday VMware is going to announce the release of VMware vSphere which is what essentially is Virtual Infrastructure 4.0 which would include ESX 4.0. I can’t say what VMware is going to do but over the next few weeks I will be publishing information on vSphere as well as some […]

Load Balancing Visibility with VMware vSphere (ESX4) and Alarms

As you probably all know by now, virtualization is about to take another giant leap. With the upcoming announcements more and more details of vSphere are starting to pop up in the blogosphere. There are two items, which deserve some more attention in my opinion because they are minor details but will make our lives […]

VMware to Announce VSphere Tommorow (4/21/2009)

On April 21, 2009, VMware will be unveiling how it is taking IT to new heights of efficiency, choice and control through service-level automation—dramatically reducing capital and operating costs and maximizing IT efficiency—with the freedom to choose any application, OS, or hardware.  Join Paul Maritz, President and CEO of VMware, as he and other VMware leaders […]

VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat, The Concept, Deployment And Considerations!

One of the great products from VMware, yet least talked about, is the vCenter Server Heartbeat. I’ve been always fascinated with anything that helps achieve high-availability and uptime for applications, and our product here under the spotlight is no exception to that. Unfortunately there is no evaluation version for it available, so no videos this […]

On Being a DABCC Analyst

I will post a more meatier analytical article shortly however I would like to thank DABCC for asking me to be an analyst for the Virtualization Security space of the DABCC website: This is an honor and a privilege. I have been working with virtualization security since the first days of VMware ESX support at […]

VMware vCenter Mobile Access on Apple iPhone

Just got my vmware vCenter mobile access installed today. The current release version from VMware is version 1.0. It allow mobile phone access to specific vCenter and ESX host for management purpose. Apple iPhone had been included into support list and I did success to manage my vCenter by using vpn on my iphone. I […]

VMware Releases Application Virtualization Solution ThinApp v4.0.2

VMware just posted ThinApp 4.0.2 for download.   The 4.0.2 version is a maintenance bug fix release although VMware did add  the ability to better run 32-bit application on a 64-bit Windows OS. The following new feature was added to ThinApp v4.0.2 The 4.0.2 release adds the Wow64 parameter to the Package.ini file. You can use […]

VMware vShield Zones In Private Beta

Just in case anyone missed the news from VMworld Europe 2009 last month, VMware launched a new security offering called VMware vShield Zones for our vSphere (formerly VI) platform.  We think this is pretty exciting, as it’s the first datacenter security product from VMware, and highlights Security’s elevation to one of the six key pillars […]

Resizing your VMware VMFS the Right Way, Exploring the Next Version of ESX/vCenter

I’ve been playing around with my vSphere/Next gen ESX lab. I was replaying the VMworld lab and one of the assignments was to  resize a VMFS volume. Yes that’s correct, resize not extent. Extents have been discussed by many and the general consensus is avoid them if/when possible. But when running out of diskspace you […]

VMware Next Generation Datacenter Exploration

Following is a VMworld Europe 2009 preview of features VMware is developing for future versions of vSphere. There is no guarantee or time line of when these features will be introduced into vSphere. Furthermore, the features should not be thought of as a group that will be implemented together at one time. A more likely […]

My Challenge to Citrix’s Simon Crosby and VMware’s Stephen Herrod

In his blog post, Simon Crosby has a good point when he chastises VMware for using questionable methodologies in their own performance study, and for refusing to allow third party independent benchmarks to do performance comparisons. Simon presents the following graph in his blog post:   The graph above shows how end user response time rises […]

VMware Renames ESX 4.0 to VMware vSphere

It looks like the cat has been let out of the bag.  For all you folks who have been wondering about VMware Infrastructure 4.0, I bet you weren’t wondering what the product’s name was going to be, were you?  Did you just assume that VMware was going to be releasing VI4?  Well, think again.  Can […]

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