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VMware vSphere Integrated Containers: Innovation With Unexpected Benefits

The history of science is replete with important scientific discoveries that happened by accident. Penicillin, X-rays, galvanized rubber, Teflon, and the pacemaker are all just a fraction of the many discoveries that were the result of accidents and serendipity during the research process. Now, in VMware vSphere® Integrated Containers™, VMware can add another discovery to […]

Login VSI 4.1.25 Offers Improved Performance and New Dashboard Features

Login VSI
Over the last few months we have been working hard to add several new features and improvements in Login VSI. Today we are releasing 4.1.25, and here are some things you can look forward to. First we’ll start with a beta feature that will help you to know more about your VMware vSphere servers at […]

Ask OpBot – Part 2: Check the VM console screens remotely?

When trouble shooting virtual machines or most systems in general, you want to check what is visible on the console. Getting this information remotely is not just great, it can be essential to save time and recover a system as quick as possible. That is the moment where OpBot comes in handy and you can […]

VMware NSX-V 6.3: Control Plane Resiliency with CDO Mode

NSX-V 6.3, released last month, introduced many new features. In my last blog post, NSX-V 6.3: Cross-VC NSX Security Enhancements, I discussed several new Cross-VC NSX security features. In this post I’ll discuss another new feature called Controller Disconnected Operation (CDO) mode which provides additional resiliency for the NSX control plane. The NSX Controllers already offer […]

VMware VxRail – Now with a Unified Management Experience!

A key benefit of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is the elimination of multiple management tools and the ability to manage compute and storage directly from the hypervisor.  With approximately 80% of HCI deployments running in VMware environments, vSphere is by far the most popular hypervisor for HCI. VMware HCI is powered by vSAN, an enterprise class storage […]

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