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VMware: Using VMware User Environment Manager to Manage User Profiles with Context-Based Settings

By Stan Hunter, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, End-User Computing, VMware One of the most difficult tasks for an IT administrator is managing user profiles and settings. Users have various requirements for applications and settings that change based on location, device, and even time of day. This is called context. In the past, to provide flexibility […]

VMware User Environment Manager 9 – PCoIP policies

VMware User Environment Manager 9 – PCoIP policies Yesterday and today VMware announced Horizon 7, Horizon 7 includes User Environment Manager 9 (UEM9). with UEM 9 comes the ability to manager PCoIP policies, which is awesome for you can manage the with the user context in mind. Below is the screenshot of that feature. My co-worker @svenH called […]

VMware User Environment Management 9

VMware User Environment Management 9 Feb. 9 – VMware has announcement the newest release of VMware UEM, version 9 was announced today. I was able to get a view of the release of the new version, several new features were added. In this blog I will describe the new features. Five major features VMware has added five […]

User Profiles on App Volumes Writeable Volumes – The evolution continues!

As we look at profile management & profile delivery solutions available today in the market, and the pains that come with managing roaming profiles with folder redirection, we can see that there is clearly room to introduce simplicity in this space. Managing users’ workspaces at scale, in the cloud, or on-premises requires more simplicity and […]

VMware AppVolumes series: the proof of the pudding is in the tasting

As the English say, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting so I thought after the series about VMware AppVolumes and VMware UEM perhaps it is a good idea to show the working to you. If you are looking for the series, look at your right, there is a history of the blog […]

VMware UEM series – Part 3 : management and result

VMware UEM series – Part 3 : management and result All good things come in three parts so this series is no exception. With this last part I conclude the series about VMware UEM. There is much to tell and so much to show that it could be a 10 series blog if you like. […]

VMware App Volumes and UEM battling each other

I was talking to my colleague Sven Huisman this morning and the discussion got to App volumes and VMware UEM. We both are running some PoC’s right now and are experiencing some rather interesting facts about both products. There is one feature that I experienced before that I thought should be shared with you out […]

VMware UEM series, part 2: Group policy and agent

VMware recently acquired Immidio and renamed it VMware UEM, they now have an Enterprise ready UEM solution in their portfolio. As I noted at conferences many people still are not familiar with these kind of UEM solutions. In this blog series I will take you along the path you need to take to implement VMware […]

VMware UEM series: Management console and setup

VMware acquired Immidio a while back and transformed it into VMware UEM. In this blog series I will show you how to setup VMware UEM, what the requirements are. The next blog article will discuss the installation of the agent in th VDI desktop and the configuration of the group policy. The last blog will […]

VMware User Environment Manager Deployed in 60 Minutes or Less

In only two months after the acquisition of Immidio, announced in February 2015, VMware has released VMware User Environment Manager. User Environment Manager is a powerful, simple, and scalable user environment management solution that helps IT with profile management and setting up dynamic policies. It is part of our bigger Workspace Environment Management capabilities. We are helping […]

VMware says ‘Making Citrix Work Better: VMware Simplifying Application Management for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Environments’

Citrix Systems
This past February, VMware announced the acquisition of Immidio and introduced a new approach to application delivery and user management called VMware Workspace™ Environment Management (WEM). With Workspace Environment Management, IT organizations have the ability to comprehensively isolate and deliver applications, manage users and monitor performance from the data center through to devices. Today, just two months […]

Transforming Desktop and Application Delivery and Management

A while ago VMware bought Immidio to add more User Environment Management capabilities to the Horizon suite. Immidio was the obivious choice for VMware to buy, it adds just that much functionality to become a major asset for VMware without VMware buying a whole suite and stripping it. RES or Appsense would have not have […]

Understanding VMware Workspace Environment Management (WEM) And Welcoming Immidio!

I’m thrilled with our announcement of the acquisition of Immidio and their user environment management (UEM) solution that provides a consistent and dynamic application and desktop experience across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. A hearty congratulations to the Immidio team and a warm welcome to the VMware family! In this post, I’d like to share some additional […]

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