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VMware Redmond Video Series Episode 1: Exploring How Windows 10 Affects Your Business

In the first episode of our new video series, we help you learn what the new management approach for Windows 10 means to you and your team: What Makes Windows 10 Different [00:57] Challenges with Legacy Management Tools [02:06] Opportunities with a New Management Model [03:08] How Organizations Move from POC to Production [05:26] How […]

VMware: Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Manx Telecom

The Isle of Man, the home of Manx Telecom, is one of the most unique and picturesque places on Earth. Floating like an emerald jewel in the Irish Sea, this tiny island is a self-governing UK Crown dependency. The Isle of Man is fiercely proud of the independence of its own institutions, including Manx Telecom. […]

Understanding The Emerging field of AIOps – Part II

Why do businesses need AIOps? IT pros move more of their business-critical applications into virtualized environments. As a result, finding the root cause of application performance issues is more complicated than ever.  IT managers have to find problems in a complex web of VM applications, storage devices, network devices and services. These components that are […]

VMware: Discovery Corporate IT achieves greater control and visibility of storage infrastructure with vSAN

When Discovery’s Corporate IT discovered that its infrastructure dependencies were affecting the stability of its VMware environment, it turned to VMware’s vSAN solution to alleviate these dependencies and better architect its virtualized environment. “The vSAN platform has given us greater control of our infrastructure stack as well as improved management of our VMware environment. It […]

VMware: Manx Telecom races ahead with VMware NFV

We recently visited Gary Lamb, CEO, and Kevin Paige, CITO of Manx Telecom, the primary provider of a broad array of data centre, hosting, broadband, fixed line and mobile communications services to the Isle of Man. We wanted to find out how it is benefiting from Network Function Virtualization (NFV). Take a look at the […]

VMware: Building a Bridge Across Clouds

If there is one beacon pointing to the future of enterprise technology, it is the cloud. And while many companies have already at least begun their cloud journey, there are still many questions around how best to navigate the journey safely, efficiently, and successfully. According to VMware and Dell Technologies CIO Bask Iyer, a short […]

Tricerat: End-User Computing Printing Podcast – Episode 273

Listen to “Tricerat: End-User Computing Printing Podcast – Episode 273” on Spreaker. In episode 273, Douglas Brown interviews Andrew Parlette, Chief Technology Officer at Tricerat, Inc..  Douglas and Andrew discusses the Tricerat suite of printing solutions, ScrewDrivers, Simplified Printing and Simplified Printing TX.  Andrew brings us up to speed on what’s new with Tricerat and […]

How to deploy the Ruckus Virtual SmartZone on VMware ESXi

ComputerWorld Group
The Ruckus Wireless Virtual Smart Zone is one of the industry’s leading virtual wireless controller. Recently we had a number of request asking for some content on how to deploy the VSZ on VMware. There is some good documentation available to all Ruckus customers when using their support to access the knowledge base at http://support.ruckuswireless.com […]

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