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The link between hyper-convergence and web-scale or “Why Hyper-convergence Needs Web-Scale”

Hyper-converged systems are being discussed with increasing regularity by the trade press and analyst community. VMware’s introduction of EVO:RAIL in August this year validated this new model for infrastructure that Nutanix introduced a few years ago. Hyper-convergence is a fundamentally different architecture from traditional three-tier infrastructure solutions that are prevalent in data centers today. Hyper-convergence […]

How Nutanix and VSAN EVO: RAIL differ on management and your designs

Nutanix operates in the user space while Virtual SAN (which includes EVO:RAIL, of course) is embedded in the hypervisor kernel. Each design offers unique challenges and choices when designing, deploying and managing hyper-converged systems. Design VSAN is directly plumbed into the compute cluster. The storage available for the virtual machines running on VSAN hosts is […]

Can an EVO:RAIL appliance really support 250 VDI users? …and why High Performance power policy matters

Yesterday, I was privileged to be invited to test the performance of an EVO:RAIL appliance. One of our partners wanted to benchmark the EVO:RAIL appliance to verify if a single appliance is able to handle the workload profile of the stated 250 desktops and if not, what could be done to provide better performance and […]

Meet VMware EVO:RAIL – A New Building Block for your SDDC

In March of 2013, a new project was started within VMware. A small team known as MARVIN within the SDDC Division’s Emerging Solutions Group was tasked with building something completely new, to enter a market where VMware had never gone before, to do something that would surprise many. The team was given the freedom to […]

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