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Free Disaster Recovery Calculator

Quickly calculate how long it will take to recover your critical virtual machines or their applications Here’s how it works The RTA Calculator has a built-in wizard to connect to VMware. Once installed you are prompted to select the VMs you wish to time for an RTA estimate, and set the appropriate boot order. The […]

Hacking VMware Private Python API for vSphere with a Quick Sample

It’s not a secret that VMware has a private Python API or so called Python binding for vSphere API. If you haven’t heard about it before, no worry. Here is a link to Hostd General Architecture. Somehow it’s not publicly released as a product for customers or partners. Over the years, I only heard a big […]

VMTurbo – Virtualization Management – Do More With Less

VMTurbo’s virtualization management software enables enterprises to do more with less. The software increases utilization of hosts by 20-30% while assuring VM performance. It is compatible with all major hypervisors including VMWare ESX, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, and RedHat KVM. Learn more at www.vmturbo.com.

VMware vSphere 5.5 Storage Enhancements Part 2: VMFS Heap

There have been some notable discussions about VMFS heap size and heap consumption over the past year or so. An issue with previous versions of VMFS heap meant that there were concerns when accessing above 30TB of open files from a single ESXi host. VMware released a number of patches to temporarily work around the […]

Free Backup and More Free Backup

Unitrends Enterprise Backup™, affectionately known as within Unitrends as UEB, is a fully-featured, automated, all-in-one top-to-bottom backup solution which is packaged as a VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual appliance.  We sell this software – it’s our fastest growing product line – and we also give it away for free.  Free backup.  For up to […]

Gartner: What I saw at the OpenStack Summit

Last week I attended the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong. What I saw, or what I think I saw, was so remarkable to me to be worth sharing in a more articulated way that Twitter (@a_perilli) allows me to. Please note that being my first Summit, and being the event held in Asia, some of […]

VMware ESXi vim-cmd Command: A Quick Tutorial

Command lines are very important for system administrors when it comes to automation. Although GUIs are more likely (not always as I’ve seen too many bad ones) to be more intuitive and easier to get started with, sooner or later administrators will use command lines more for better productivity. There are a few command line […]

How to Upgrade your VMware ESXi Hosts from 5.0 to 5.1 using VMware Update Manager

There are many ways to upgrade your ESXi Hosts from ESXi 5.0 to 5.1 – eg. with a script, via commandline (esxcli) or using Auto Deploy. But did you know that you can use VMware Update Manager, too? This How-to will help you to perform the necessary steps concerning the upgrade of the ESXi hosts. But […]

Recovery Hero: Nathan from Kirkwood School District

The ‘Oh Crap’ moment. We’ve all been there. A full glass of milk gets knocked off the table; you step too closely to your coffee table and stub your toe. And the first words out of your mouth are… (many times it’s even a more profane version of the aforementioned phrase). It happens in organizational […]

VMware patches vulnerabilities in ESX, vCenter and vSphere

VMware has warned that its popular virtualisation and cloud management products have security vulnerabilities that could lead to denials of service for customers using ESX and ESXi hypervisors and management platforms including vCenter Server Appliance and vSphere Update Manager. To exploit the vulnerability an attacker would have to intercept and modify management traffic. If successful, […]

How VMware Delivers Rich, Virtual Graphics with NVIDIA GRID

For too long, virtualizing graphics-intensive enterprise applications has simply not been an option. Engineers and designers often work with highly demanding 3D applications, but traditional virtualization of these apps results in performance drops that were just too great. These enterprises couldn’t enjoy the benefits of securing their intellectual property and increasing their workflow efficiency through […]

Network throughput testing on VMware ESXi between VM’s using netcat

I was doing some tests in my lab to see how to generate network traffic between VM’s. Reason for this was for me to see the overhead on using products like vShield Manager App/Endpoint and Deep Security Virtual Agents. I also wanted to see the traffic flow when using these agents in my environment. Thus […]

Are VMware ESXi Patches Cumulative

I’d like to revisit the question “are ESXi patches cumulative”?  This time I hope to hammer home the point with an example. In short, the answer is yes, the ESXi patch bundles are cumulative.  However, when applying patches from the command line using the ESXCLI command you do need to be careful to ensure you […]

VMware vSphere HA APD handling and PernixData FVP

Recently I received an interesting question on FVP support of vSphere HA. What happens if an All-Paths down scenario occurs with an accelerated virtual machine. All-Paths Down Since vSphere 5.0 HA supports All-Paths-Down handling, Duncan wrote an article about it explaining the behavior of HA and All-Paths Down. But in short, when communication between an […]

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