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What’s the state of application layering in 2018?

Ever since VMware acquired CloudVolumes back in August 2014 and Citrix bought Unidesk in January 2017, application layering has gotten a lot more attention. Let’s have a look at its current state, some of the main use cases, and developments going forward. Maturity level The technology itself has been around for years—it all started over […]

FlexApp Gets Bragging Rights vs. VMware App Volumes and Citrix App Layering in WhatMatrix Smackdown

The experts at WhatMatrix recently awarded Liquidware FlexApp first place when compared to standard/included Application Layering from VMware and Citrix.  Many criteria were considered and you can see the full report here.“We compared these three products against some 140 key criteria in our rigorous evaluation of Application Layering software,” said Rory Monaghan, lead consultant at WhatMatrix. […]

VMware App Volumes 2.14 What’s New Technical Overview Video

See What’s New in App Volumes 2.14. Includes a demo of the new User Writable Volumes management features. VMware End-User Computing (EUC) solutions empower the digital workspace by simplifying app & access management, unifying endpoint management & transforming Windows delivery. Learn more at https://techzone.vmware.com This video is from the fine folks at VMware EUC.

VMware App Volumes 2.14 User Writable Volumes Management Feature Walk-through

VMware App Volumes 2.14 introduces several new features to improve management of User Writable Volumes. This video demonstrates the ability to move volumes, create manual or scheduled backups, and how to restore volumes as needed. VMware End-User Computing (EUC) solutions empower the digital workspace by simplifying app & access management, unifying endpoint management & transforming […]

VMware Horizon View 7.5.0 and more Released

VMware has released Horizon View 7.5.0 and other with support for vSphere 6.7 and other new features. they also released VMware User Environment Manager 9.4.0 and VMware App Volumes 2.14.0. There are also new versions of the Horizon Client 4.8. What’s new: Horizon Connection Server Horizon Console Horizon Console is the latest version of the Web interface […]

What’s New with VMware Horizon Application and Desktop Virtualization Products

Jim Yanik is currently a Senior Manager of End-User-Computing (EUC) Technical Marketing at VMware. Jim has over 25 years of experience in the IT field as a technical consultant, systems engineer, and technologist. His areas of experience include data center server and storage architecture, business mobility, and end-user computing. He is part of the team […]

VMware and Citrix offer long term service releases, who is offering what, a short overview

We live in a 24/7 environment and if we need to believe marketeers everything else needs to move at that speed as well. You are supposed to upgrade and follow suit when an update is released. Some organizations with specific requirements, however, can’t upgrade at that speed. Applications they run are not supporting the new version […]

VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition Reference Architecture Update Now Available

The updated VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition Reference Architecture is now available to download! VMware Horizon 7, the leading platform for Windows desktop and application virtualization, includes many integrated components to address a wide range of business requirements and use cases. This updated reference architecture provides guidance and best practices for IT organizations that want to design […]

VMware Video – User Environment Manager Outlook OST on App Volumes User Writable Volume Feature Walkthrough

User Environment Manager 9.3 includes a new integration with App Volumes, further improving the user experience for non-persistent VDI. This feature enables easy configuration to manage and persist an Outlook OST file on a VMware App Volumes Writable Volume. This video introduces, explains and demonstrates the configuration and user experience for this powerful feature. This […]

Microsoft Outlook Search Indexing With VMware App Volumes

Learn how to manage Microsoft Outlook search indexing with VMware App Volumes Writable Volumes. Pim van de Vis, R&D product engineer for VMware End-User Computing (EUC), shows you how, based on this Knowledge Base (KB) article: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2149799?language=en_US. Click here to read more about managing Microsoft Office 365 in a non-persistent VDI environment: http://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2017/10/managing-microsoft-office-365-in-non-persistent-vdi. This video […]

VMware App Volumes 2.13: What’s New Technical Overview Video

This short, technical presentation covers the new features in the App Volumes 2.13 release. This video is from the fine folks at VMware EUC.

VMware App Volumes 2.13 AppStack Attach Limit Demo Video

This video explains how the new AppStack attach limit feature works in VMware App Volumes 2.13 and gives a short demo of how to set it up and use it. This video is from the fine folks at VMware EUC.

Introducing VMware App Volumes 2.13 – Video

Introducing the new, more scalable, faster App Volumes. Read the release notes https://docs.vmware.com/en/App-Volumes/2.13/rn/app-volumes-213-release-notes.html This video is from the fine folks at VMware EUC.

VMware: The Power of 3: Instant Clones, App Volumes and UEM

This video was recorded live at VMworld 2017. You can download the presentations here: http://bit.ly/2eLIQHN This video is from the fine folks at VMware Education.

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