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Applying Virtualization Security Immutable Law No. 2

Chris Hoff had some tough things to say in his post about the Five Immutable Laws of Virtualization Security:   “I think that over time I’ve come to the conclusion that to me, these aren’t so much “immutable laws” but more so derivative abstractions of common sense that left me wondering what all the fuss […]

Are Virtualization Laws That Are Immutable, Disputable?

A few months ago, Pete Lindstrom shot me over the draft of a Burton paper on virtualization security.  We sputtered back and forth at one another, I called him names, and then we had beer later.   The title of the paper was the “Five Immutable Laws of Virtualization Security.”   I must admit, I […]

Virtualization Security – Keeping Risk in Perspective

Pete Lindstrom of our Security and Risk Management Strategies team recently blogged on his “Five Immutable Laws of Virtualization Security.” Pete’s Five Laws are long overdue, as they give us a chance to take a step back and examine security practices in virtual environments. Taking a hard look at virtualization security is important, but sometimes […]

Burton Group Develops Five Immutable Laws of Virtualization Security

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Burton Group, an IT research firm focused on enterprise infrastructure technologies, published a report providing five immutable laws of virtualization security to help IT organizations ensure improved protection of virtual environments.   Virtualized environments are poised to provide significant operational benefits to enterprises, but they are not without their risks. […]

Virtualization Security Video with Blue Lane Technologies Security Evangelist, Greg Ness

In the following vatorTV video Bambi Francisco interviews virtualization security vendor Blue Lane’s VP of Marketing and overall virtualization guru Greg Ness. Greg talks about what virtualization security is all about and why we need it. This is a great interview and worth watching!   

Security Expert: Beware Virtualization In 2008

Security company McAfee has predicted that virtualization will be an area of security concern in 2008. McAfee told that companies need to understand the risks, as well as the benefits, before implementing virtualization technologies. The company has an interest in predicting virtualization as an attack vector, as it sells a virtualization security product. “Virtualization will […]

Virtualization Security Podcast – “Speaking of Security with EMC Vice President of Technology Alliances, Chuck Hollis”

In the following virtualization podcast Matt Buckley speaks with EMC Vice President of Technology Alliances, Chuck Hollis, about Security and Virtualization.  Chuck does an excellent job of warning his audience about the changes involved with virtualization without frightening them away from virtualizing production environments.  He talks about virtsec as a 2008 issue and advises listeners […]

How to Find and Fix 10 Real Security Threats on Your Virtual Servers

VM Sprawl. Hypervisor holes. Rogue virtual machines. Network traffic gone bad. What are the biggest virtualization security risks now and how can you combat them? It’s time to separate fact from fiction and get down to work. In 2007, the big question about virtualization in data centers was “How much money and time will this […]

Virtualization Security Experts – Blue Lane Delivers Unmatched Protection and Network Flow Visibility for VMware® Infrastructure 3 Environments

VirtualShield 4.0 Introduces Integration with VMware® VirtualCenter, Auto-Provisioning, Network and Application Flow Visibility and Policy   CUPERTINO, Calif. – Blue Lane Technologies today announced the October 5th general availability of VirtualShield 4.0, the first VM security solution to deliver real-time network flow visibility and security by protocol, operating system, application and VM cluster. The latest […]

An Excellent Risk-Focused Virtualization Security Assessment & Hardening Document

Reader Colin was kind enough to forward me a link to a great security and hardening document which begins to address many of the  elements I posted in my recent “Ephiphany…” blog entry regarding virtualization and hardening documentation.   This document was produced by the folks at XtraVirt  who describe themselves as “…a company of […]

Virtualization Security Heats Up

An attack that breaches the hypervisor is IT’s new worst nightmare. Are you prepared?   In March, Gartner ignited the blogosphere by stating the obvious: Virtualization creates new attack opportunities. There’s still lots of smoke billowing around, but only time will tell how much fire is behind it, and who’s fanning the flames. Vendors of […]

Google buys anti-malware browser virtualization startup

Google has quietly made its first anti-malware acquisition, snapping up GreenBorder Technologies, a venture-backed company that sells browser virtualization security software. The acquisition gives the search engine a key piece of technology to block Web-based exploits that prey on flaws in the two most widely used browsers — Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox. GreenBorder’s […]

Virtualization Security White Paper – “Securing Virtualized Infrastructure: From Static Security to Virtual Shields”

The following white paper titled, “Securing Virtualized Infrastructure: From Static Security to Virtual Shields” is written by: Andreas Antonopoulos, SVP & Founding Partner, Nemertes Research.  Data centers have undergone tremendous transformation in the past five years. Virtualization has changed the architecture for servers, storage and networks. IT organizations are using management and provisioning automation to […]

Gartner: Securing virtualization, Virtualizing security

Virtualization offers organizations the opportunity to reduce costs and increase agility, however, if this is done without implementing best practices for security, virtualization may actually increase costs and reduce agility, according to Gartner. Virtualization software allows users to simultaneously run multiple operating systems (OS), or multiple sessions of a single OS, on a single, physical […]

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