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On Being a DABCC Analyst

I will post a more meatier analytical article shortly however I would like to thank DABCC for asking me to be an analyst for the Virtualization Security space of the DABCC website: This is an honor and a privilege. I have been working with virtualization security since the first days of VMware ESX support at […]

Free Virtualization Security Stuff

In this tough economic environment, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to do more with less. In my last post, I pointed you to two free tools to help locate rogue SharePoint sites. Keeping with the theme, here’s some free tools for virtualization security. There are multiple security issues that need to at […]

Incomplete Thought: Separating Virtualization From Cloud?

I was referenced in a CSO article recently titled "Four Questions On Google App Security." I wasn’t interviewed for the story directly, but Bill Brenner simply referenced our prior interviews and my skepticism for virtualization security and cloud Security as a discussion point. Google’s response was interesting and a little tricky given how they immediately […]

How to Improve Virtualization Security

In the rush to implement virtualization technologies, organizations are recreating the same security mistakes which were made in physical environments over the past two decades. This is happening largely because they have failed to recognize that new technologies create the same risks, albeit from a different perspective. Knowledge Center contributor Richard Rees explains the five […]

Configuresoft Develops First-Ever SANS Virtualization Security Course in Collaboration with Compliance Experts

Best Practices for Server Lockdown, Network Configuration & Compliance Management for VMware Infrastructur Configuresoft, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise server configuration management solutions, today announced that two of the company’s resident IT security experts have collaborated to develop the new Virtualization Security and Operations course for the well-respected SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) Institute. […]

Virtualization Security Yields Nothing So Far

In April 2004 I wrote my first article on the topic of virtualization security. I was trying to bring attention to the security aspects of this "new" technology that was getting quite a bit of hype at the time. The hope was that this time security would not be an afterthought, that we would reverse […]

Virtualization Security Vendor: Catbird Releases Free Compliance Checker

24×7 Service Instantly Alerts and Blocks To Enforce Security and Compliance of VMware Catbird, the pioneer in comprehensive security and compliance for virtual and physical networks, today announced the launch of the Catbird Compliance EnforcerTM, a free service that instantly validates and enforces the security and compliance of virtual data centers. Unlike passive auditing tools, […]

DABCC Radio Podcast with Xen Open-Source Virtualization Founder and Citrix VP Ian Pratt

In episode 67, Douglas Brown interviews Ian Pratt, Vice President of Advanced Products for Citrix Systems, Inc.   Ian is also the co-founder of XenSource, the company Citrix bought and turned into the XenServer solution, along with the head of development of the Xen open-source hypervisor project.  Needless to say we were very excited to have […]

Virtualization Vendor: Reflex Security Rebrands And Expands

Virtualization security vendor Reflex Security rebrands itself as it expands into management The company formerly known as Reflex Security is now known as Reflex Systems after the company decided to rebrand and announce the name change this week. Reflex Security has gained a strong reputation for their virtualization security play in the market. In fact, […]

Virtualization Security – The Next Frontier For Hackers?

Virtualization, with its rapid pace of adoption, is becoming a frontier for attackers, but not all businesses are aware of, or act on the risks adequately, according to market observers. Graham Titterington, principal analyst at Ovum, told ZDNet Asia in an e-mail interview that with the increasing prominence of virtualization, threats to virtual machines (VMs) […]

Download Free VMware ESX Security Checker: “Configuresoft Compliance Checker for VMware ESX”

Compliance Checker downloads to a Windows desktop and the intuitive web-based interface requires little or no learning curve. Administrators simply point the product to the ESX hosts they want to test compliance against to perform the test immediately. The resultant compliance report provides a detailed rule by rule indication of pass or failure. Where compliance […]

Surveys Raise Doubts on Virtualization Security

Migration to virtualization won’t be the quick transition that some technology evangelists have predicted, according to recent surveys by two IT security companies. Nor is virtualization as secure as many might want it to be. Virtualization security appeared to be a doubtful matter for nearly half of respondents in a survey released on Monday by […]

Embotics Addresses Emerging Issues to Understanding Virtualization Security

New Research Summarizes Potential Threats and Security Issues Created by Virtual Servers for IT Executives Embotics, the Virtualization Lifecycle ManagementTM Company, today announced "Understanding VirtSec," a new study that focuses on virtual server security issues inherent in IT environments. The research addresses threats posed by virtualization deployments and the technology that is available to tackle […]

A Guide to Virtualization Security: Understand the Early Stages of This New Battleground with an Analysis of Threats, Vulnerabilities & Security Benefits

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Virtualization Security: The Early Stages of a New Battleground" report to their offering. With the rush to adopt virtual technologies, the security of virtualization has become a primary concern – yet few understand the security implications of this disruptive innovation. In this report, EMA provides guidance […]

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