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Bromium introduces one-click use case deployment in Secure Platform 4.1

Prioritize security around common customer pain points with targeted use case deployment Run native Chrome on the host for low-risk browsing while safely isolating web file downloads Transform raw data into actionable security insights with interactive dashboards and reports Virtualization-based security has changed the way organizations approach the idea of protecting their intellectual property from […]

Internet Explorer is Dead, Long Live Internet Explorer?

Most enterprises still need Internet Explorer for access to legacy web applications While Chrome and Edge are significantly more secure than IE, they are still susceptible to malicious downloads Bromium allows you to safely run Internet Explorer, while it also protects modern browsers such as Chrome and Edge Internet Explorer (IE) was the most widely […]

Five Reasons Why Marketing Should Care About Cybersecurity

Marketing moves fast and worrying about cybersecurity is often the least of our worries. Cybercriminals understand we’re working fast and target our computers because we are likely to do what comes naturally: click, download, forward, open. Alas, organizational security teams struggle to keep us safe and often put limits on our ability to get stuff […]

Align to SANS Maturity Model, reduce attack surface with virtualization

Anti-malware solutions often fail to prevent cyber attacks on end-user applications at an enterprise level. Most endpoint detection platforms are reactive and time-sensitive, so enterprises do more damage control than preventing risk. Isolation and micro-virtualization of endpoints proactively minimizes the attack surface to dramatically reduce breaches and false alerts. You’ve heard the saying, “the best […]

Malware copies file to evade anti-virus, detection-based cybersecurity tools

New malware technique evades detection by simply copying a file We break it down step-by-step to show you how it works Innovative hackers continue to deliver sophisticated malware that evades detection The Bromium Lab is back to break down a recent outbreak of sneaky malware, shared with us by some of our customers who caught […]

How to Secure Microsoft Edge browser downloads with Bromium Platform

Microsoft Edge browser does not isolate web file downloads Learn how to use Bromium to isolate your Microsoft Edge web file downloads Bromium works with all Microsoft virtualization-based security (VBS) technologies Microsoft jumps on the application isolation bandwagon. In December 2017, Bromium welcomed the arrival of the Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) for Microsoft Edge, […]

Carahsoft Named Official Distributor for Bromium Cybersecurity

We’ve been working with Carahsoft for years, but are proud to make things “official” today as we tap them to help us extend our reach. We are the leader in virtualization-based security that delivers application isolation and containment as specified by the NSA. Under the agreement, Carahsoft will distribute the Bromium Secure Platform and associated […]

Bromium Now Provides Application Isolation for Citrix XenServer 7.3

Bromium now supports Citrix XenServer 7.3 nested virtualization with superior performance. Use application isolation to stop common attack vectors that layered defenses miss. Real-time, high-fidelity alerts trigger the Bromium Sensor Network to provide extended protection. XenServer is an open source platform for cost-effective application, desktop, cloud, and server virtual infrastructures. When Bromium is used for […]

Enterprise Response by Ian Pratt About Spectre Meltdown

The Intel chip vulnerability triggered Spectre and Meltdown – information leakage vulnerabilities. Spectre and Meltdown require an attacker to run code on the target system. Micro-virtualization can really help mitigate the effects; even when dealing with kernel vulnerabilities. We asked our founder, Ian Pratt, to talk to us about Spectre, Meltdown and what this means […]

Anatomy of Meltdown Shows How the Vulnerability Works

This blog reviews the details of Meltdown and discusses the inherent immunity for end users provided by Bromium’s architecture. Meltdown is an Intel CPU vulnerability leveraging speculative execution which gives an attacker-controlled process the ability to read arbitrary memory belonging to the kernel. Although it doesn’t allow for an attacker to directly take control of the kernel, there […]

Isolate Downloads and Executables So Threats Can’t Escape

Safely download any file from the web or a shared link, even if it is malicious Eliminate restrictive IT security policies that limit user access to downloaded files and inhibit workflows Automatically verify the integrity of downloaded files without involving the Helpdesk Most knowledge-workers are on the internet all day long, mixing business and personal […]

Bromium Honored for Excellence in Government Cybersecurity

We have a successful track record protecting federal government customers from known and unknown attacks Leading government security awards program recognizes Bromium’s continued commitment to the public sector Bromium provides defense-grade protection, allowing government employees to work as usual On January 8th, we received exciting news that we won two Government Security News Homeland Security […]

Ian Pratt, Bromium Co-Founder, Speaks on Spectre and Meltdown – Video, Part 1

The Intel chip vulnerability triggered Spectre and Meltdown – information leakage vulnerabilities. Both let attackers that have execution in some unprivileged user space to read data belonging to other processes, even more privileged ones including the kernel itself. Meltdown only effects Intel CPUs, whereas the Spectre vulnerability is present on pretty much all modern CPUs […]

Bromium Response Intel CPU Design Flaw Remediation

The design flaw has been in existence for the last decade and does not affect Bromium. Operating system vendors are the only ones who can remediate the vulnerability. The Microsoft patch – out today – requires Bromium customers to upgrade before patching Windows. Spectre or Meltdown cannot be directly used to steal information from an […]

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