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Custom Server Monitoring Templates for Specific Server Roles in SysKit

The newest SysKit version, the 2016 R2 – 8.0, is equipped with customizable server monitoring templates. And that’s awesome, because it means that SysKit allows you to create consistent monitoring templates that can be applied across the whole server environment. This, of course, applies to all technologies that SysKit supports. In a single console, you […]

eG Innovations Win Citrix Ready Video Contest!!

eG Innovations
eG Innovations Wins Citrix Ready Video Contest! We’re excited to announce that our eG Enterprise animated video, Are You Monitoring Citrix in 3-D?, has been named a winner of the Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest, along with co-winners Dell and PureStorage. We’re honored to be recognized and greatly appreciate all of the votes we received! Watch our video and […]

Performance Management & Monitoring Déjà Vu

eG Innovations
As the new Director of Product Marketing here at eG Innovations, it is impossible for me not to have some sense of déjà vu, having at last joined forces with my friends here and beginning to re-visit the IT performance management and monitoring space once again. My journey with eG Innovations started almost 15 years […]

Introduction to Syskit 2016 R2

In this video, we present you the all-new SysKit 2016 R2 and Its revolutionary features: SharePoint Performance Monitoring Specific server roles monitoring with Monitoring Templates Automated Server Documentation through the use of PowerShell We’ll go through a demo with real-life use cases for this features to better portrait the wide range of tasks they can […]

Introduction to Syskit 2016 R2 – On-Demand Webinar

SysKit 2016 R2 introduces some revolutionary features in order to provide richer product experience to users. The SharePoint Performance Monitoring and Monitoring Templates features enhance SysKit’s ability to track server performance, enabling you to check specific performance counters for all server roles. The Automated Server Documentation feature expands users’ control over system inventory by using […]

Change management using Automated Server Documentation

We’re going to discuss the importance of working with the right tools to keep track of changes in your infrastructure. Besides, having automated server documentation always makes server monitoring and administration easier. By keeping track of what’s going on in your infrastructure, you can pinpoint exactly what went wrong in minutes, whereas otherwise it would […]

Acceleratio Releases SysKit 2016 R2 – 8.0.1 for Citrix, Remote Desktop Services

We have shipped SysKit 2016 R2 – 8.0.1. It’s one of the minor releases, with a couple of bug fixes. Fixed SysKit was not working properly while gathering published applications in Citrix XenDesktop 7.x environment. Quick Start Guide panel, shown on the right upon starting SysKit, has been updated with new screenshots. Data retrieval while […]

Retrieve all Windows Server roles with SysKit

Today we had an interesting use case that demonstrates how you can use our new SysKit PowerShell reports to create a usable and comprehensive server inventory. Today I wanted to get a list of all the servers in our production domain that have the Hyper-V role installed. Well, that’s easy peasy with SysKit, and in this […]

Sharepoint Permissions Management with SPDocKit – Video

Webinar recording – in this webinar we tried to show you how to manage SharePoint permissions more efficiently with our tool SPDocKit. Table of contents: 0:27 Acceleratio and Products intro 2:40 Agenda 4:01 SPDocKit – Features Overview 7:23 SharePoint Permissions by SPDocKit – Intro 9:52 SharePoint Permissions Explorer 10:21 SharePoint Permissions Reports 12:35 SharePoint Permissions […]

SharePoint performance monitoring – how and why?

SharePoint is an information share and documentation management platform that is essential for the majority of businesses throughout the world today. But you already knew that, right? This article outlines SharePoint performance monitoring and its feats. The focus is on highlighting the most common performance issues and advising on best practices to help you with solving […]

Managing the End User Experience with GPU Powered Insights On-Demand Webinar

eG Innovations
Citrix Ready Technical Webinar with eG Innovations GPU technology improves the user experience in Citrix virtual desktops and applications, but to truly deliver an immersive user experience that scales, organisations need to manage the complete GPU deployment lifecycle – from designing the infrastructure, to managing and optimising a production environment, to responding to user issues […]

Resolve VDI Problems – AppEnsure Use Case Video

Use AppEnsure to resolve end users PC’s or VDI images consuming too many resources, thereby affecting other users in their location. AppEnsure provides APM for IT Operations to proactively manage end-user experience. AppEnsure uniquely correlates the real end-user response time experience with the application-delivery infrastructure performance, providing contextual, actionable intelligence to reduce resolution time by 95% of application outages […]

SysKit 2016 R2 Released! – Monitor and script all the things!

We are proud to present the newest version of SysKit! It’s a major release, and our development team definitely made a conscious effort to keep getting big things done and adding another set of powerful features. Read this release note to discover all the new features and improvements. Thanks to our hardworking SysKit team, you […]

SysKit 2016 R2 – 8.0 is RELEASED! – Citrix XenApp, RDS, IIS, SQL, SharePoint and much more!

Well, it’s been six months since our last release, and many things have happened since then. The last videocassette recorder has been manufactured, a new planet similar to Earth has been discovered, and the iPhone 7 has finally been presented to the public. But you came here to read about SysKit news, right? SysKit 2016 […]

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