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Application Usage Monitoring with SysKit – On-Demand Webinar

In this video you can learn which SysKit reports you should be auditing to find out when and which applications are being used across your servers. Track performance status and license compliance of all your published applications. SysKit, created by Acceleratio Ltd., is a powerful monitoring and administration tool that tracks server performance, IT assets, […]

SharePoint migration: preparation, cleanup and checkup with SPDocKit

The key phase of every successful SharePoint migration project is an assessment of your current SharePoint farm environment. Learn how you can effectively go through this phase using the existing SharePoint tools and how SPDocKit can assist you in your project. In this webinar recording we are talking about: comparing your old and new farms […]

How to generate SQL Server documentation with SQLDocKit

Maintaining documentation on your SQL environment can be a challenging, time-consuming task for SQL Server admins. Use SQLDocKit to eliminate endless manual documentation. Start free trial: Document the SQL environment for your client, or provide a complete report about your internal IT infrastructure to your boss. Customize your documentation file by choosing the most […]

Software License Management – How and Why?

Software license management, or SLM, is part of software assessment management (SAM) and is a process whose main focus is reducing and controlling overall IT costs. Simply put, it’s a maintenance plan for managing all your software licenses. The importance of software license management I understand how you might overlook the whole software license management […]

The One Monitor | Transforming Microsoft SCOM into an End-to-End Monitoring & Diagnosis Powerhouse

eG Innovations
Microsoft SCOM is a leading monitoring platform for Microsoft applications, but to extend it to heterogeneous environments, multiple management packs are often deployed – one for each non-Microsoft platform. However, the lack of integration between management packs leads to long problem identification and diagnosis cycles, resulting in poor user experience and loss in productivity. Watch […]

Poll Results: Citrix VDI Key Challenges

eG Innovations
Recently, eG Innovations co-hosted a webinar with Nutanix, titled Optimizing Citrix VDI for the Enterprise Cloud. We asked attendees, “What are the key challenges with your VDI deployment?” Here are the results: Hyper-converged infrastructures, such as Nutanix, offer a cost-efficient scale-out architecture for running VDI workloads. While VDI deployment is more simple with hyper-converged infrastructures (as […]

Performance Monitoring for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform – Solution Brief

eG Innovations
Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is being widely adopted by businesses to cut down CAPEX and OPEX costs and increase the flexibility to scale as needed by the business. While hyper-convergence offers several benefits such as reducing infrastructure footprint and simplifying operations, performance monitoring is an inherent challenge. IT teams need visibility into every layer of […]

Citrix: Meet eG Innovations at Citrix Ready Partner Pavilion at #HIMSS17

Citrix Systems
Join us at HIMSS 2017 to find out how Citrix Ready partner solutions are enabling digital transformation in healthcare! We help customers modernize their systems, improve application accessibility and enhance clinician productivity and mobility. At Citrix Ready, we help healthcare institutions improve information management so they can, in turn, offer optimal patient care. Citrix Ready solutions […]

Nutanix Performance Monitoring Made Easy

eG Innovations
The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform provides hyper-converged infrastructures for software-defined data center management and improved operational agility for faster scaling. Delivering storage, compute and network resources as consolidated hardware nodes, Nutanix helps enterprises simplify and accelerate resource provisioning on demand, and the integrated architecture helps avoid the cost of procuring and managing external storage (SAN, […]

Nutanix Performance Monitoring with eG Innovations

eG Innovations
The concept of web-scale IT has caught up with enterprises that are beginning to grow their IT infrastructure and operations, and the adoption of hyper-converged infrastructure has made it easy to scale with increased flexibility, easier management, and lesser CAPEX costs. Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform converges computing and storage into a hardware appliance that runs […]

Compare different SQL Servers using SQLDocKit – On-Demand Webinar

In this video you can learn how to compare different SQL Servers, track the configuration changes made during a certain time frame, find indicators of potential problems, and align your TEST, DEV, UAT, and Production environments. Table of contents 04:40 Agenda 05:45 SQLDocKit Overview 17:15 Demo 30:50 Q&A SQLDocKit is a server management tool developed […]

Why Virtual Server Monitoring Tools Are Insufficient for VDI Monitoring

eG Innovations
The use of virtualization for hosting server VMs is well understood. Today, most virtualization platforms provide administration and monitoring software that admins can use to track the health of their hypervisors and virtual machines (VMs). The use of virtualization for desktops is not as widespread. For desktop virtualization, a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) hosts a […]

Your Guide on How to Monitor User Activity with SysKit

The goal of this webinar was to help our users master the most popular SysKit feature: User Activity Monitoring. During the demo, we show which SysKit reports you should be using to detect idle users, track remote connections, and create automated payroll reports. Also, we demonstrate how to audit applications started by users and quantify […]

User Activity Monitoring with SysKit for Windows Servers, Citrix, Remote Desktop Services, RD Gateways, etc – On-Demand Webinar

In this video you can learn which SysKit reports you should be using to detect idle users, track remote connections, and create automated payroll reports. Audit applications started by users and quantify the load they are producing on your system’s resources. SysKit, created by Acceleratio Ltd., is a powerful monitoring and administration tool that tracks […]

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