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How FinTech Startups are Beating Commercial Banks at their Own Game

“Too Big to Fail” doesn’t mean Too Big to Lose, What Banks Must Learn from the FinTech Surge. The present day rendition of David v.s. Goliath features a showdown between FinTech (David) and the Big Banks (Goliath) as they battle for customers within the commercial banking space. At this point in time, FinTech appears to […]

Introduction to Jenkins!

Jenkins is one of the most popular open-source continuous integration and continuous delivery servers available today. It began as a product called Hudson, developed at Sun Microsystems in 2004-2005, before it was forked from Hudson and renamed Jenkins in 2011, as the result of a dispute between the Hudson community and Oracle. Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the […]

Why VMware is Embracing Containers

There are no secrets now around the adoption of containers by VMware.  There is, however, some confusion among many as to what exactly the reason and methods are for VMware to embrace containers.  Many announcements have been happening since VMworld in San Francisco in August 2015.  Once the big show for revealing all the new […]

Introducing Cloud Cost Compare – Where to Run Your Next App

Today there are more choices than ever of where and how to run applications. Virtualization has made it easy to spin up a VM, containers make deployment even faster and public cloud services remove the need to procure, rack and mount hardware altogether. More Choices, More Problems More options do not always result in a […]

The hidden costs of Public Cloud Providers: The risk of not getting Azure right in the Enterprise

Last year was the year of the Openstack. People talked about it, they deployed it, they tested it, and they had grandiose plans on rolling it into production. Few in my experience succeeded on schedule or without technical challenges and difficulties in skill-set gaps on their teams. While this is still being leveraged in many […]

Introduction to Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

Continuous integration made integration a non-issue and brought us to the point where we always have a set of working and tested code that is ready to be deployed to production. Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment take the next step. Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment There is a subtle difference between Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment […]

Cost Optimization in the Cloud, Part 2 – The Four Pillars of Cloud Cost Optimization, Brought to You by AWS

We’ve looked at traditional approaches to optimizing costs in AWS and why these tactics often fail. This week, we investigate what AWS recommends organizations consider when seeking to lower costs in the public cloud, based on a presentation given at the AWS Enterprise Summit in Boston. So you know you need to refocus your efforts […]

It’s Newton Time! OpenStack Achieves Another Release Milestone – Part 2

We covered a bit of the operational docs in our first article, but this is a chance to tap into a few of the actual technical features that have landed in Newton.  There are also some serious improvements in existing parts of the ecosystem which pack more reliability and resiliency into the infrastructure. With what […]

BMC and Turbonomic Partner to Accelerate Digital Business

BMC is a leader in the IT Operations Management space serving over 80% of Fortune 500 organizations today.  For decades BMC has been empowering these organizations with industry leading capacity optimization solutions. The TrueSight Capacity Optimization product provides data and analytical capabilities to for many of the core IT operational processes including: Reserving and scheduling […]

Turbonomic Proactive Support: Why use it and how to turn it on

We pride ourselves on developing the best quality product but we also understand that software is never perfect. So, if an issue arises in our software we want to fix said issue as quickly as possible. Following our philosophy around enabling our customers to proactively manage their virtual and cloud environments, we now offer Proactive […]

Cloud Cost Optimization, Part 1 – Am I Getting What I Can out of AWS?

Public cloud adoption is on everyone’s mind. This month, Gartner predicted a 42.8% growth in the cloud IaaS market in 2016, a trend expected to continue into next year and beyond. As cloud adoption becomes increasingly popular, large enterprises in particular are looking to the public cloud as a way to enhance agility, promote scalability, […]

Less Troubleshooting or Less Troubles?

It is very trendy to discuss and compare the methods in which data is collected by IT monitoring tools. Different vendors explain why they are the ones that collect the best data, from the best sources and in the best level of granularity. One example is VMware’s “Why data granularity matters in monitoring” blog. The […]

The Adoption of VDI in Healthcare Organizations

A recent study highlighted that in the next three years, the adoption of VDI by healthcare organizations will grow by 150%. Many hospitals and healthcare organizations have already realized the benefits of server virtualization and are taking the next leap forward by virtualizing desktops as well. The cost savings and agility provided by a centralized […]

Microsoft Azure: What is it and why has Real Madrid bet its future on it?

Cloud, seldom does an IT buzz word take on such a popular and misunderstood place in mainstream society. In its’ simplest form the cloud is computing resources (compute, storage, databases and applications) provided to an end user over some type of network (typically the internet). Whether it’s people joking about their files whizzing around above […]

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