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Channeling Bruce Lee in the Software-Defined Data Center

Software-Defined seems to be the big news now a days, it’s what all the cool kids are talking about, but what the hell is it? I’m not that old, 30 to be precise, but when did they start changing how my data centers where put together? Why can’t I keep my siloed, monolithic, and organized […]

SDI Summit: Software-Define All the Things!

APIs, abstractions, and everything software-defined, oh my! There is no surprise that there is significant growth in the areas of software-defined infrastructure. Always Start with the Definition The theme was consistent at the event. Nearly every presentation began with a definition of what software-defined infrastructure is. While it may seem like it is redundant, it […]

SLA Adherence with VMTurbo

Have you ever wondered if your applications are meeting their SLAs? I know, stupid question. At the end of the day the only thing we care about as admins is making sure our applications meet their SLAs. But, with hundreds, if not thousands, of application instances running within the datacenter, how do you know that […]

Black Friday:  Is your Infrastructure Ready?

Today we enjoy the spoils of the well known shopping extravaganza known as Black Friday. The origin of Black Friday is rooted in a few different backgrounds, but the most common agreed upon origin story is that this is the point in the year where businesses were profiting from sales of items which meant that […]

Virtualized Everything – Closing the Gap to Microservices

We left off our last article with a look at the trend of microservices, and how organizations are looking towards embracing this new approach. In this stage of the adoption curve, there are more companies investigating this more modular way of deployment. From what we are seeing, it’s clear that microservices adoption is progressing in […]

#WhyVMTurbo – Real-Time Application Performance Control For Any Workload, Any Infrastructure, Anywhere, Anytime

Any workload, any infrastructure, anywhere, anytime. It may sound like a bold statement, but the proof points are clear. Organizations have clearly embraced virtualization. The shift to increase adoption of virtualization and the drive towards the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) has now become the common approach. This has been a fundamental shift in the consumption […]

Embracing a Microservices Approach to Application Development – Part I

We’ve talked a bit about the shift towards microservices here before, but the first question that often comes up is “how do we embrace microservices?” This is a great question, and with that, let’s take a look at a few things to look at as we begin evaluating the right reasons to move towards a […]

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) – Part I

This article begins a series about Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Container Service, which is Amazon’s answer to managing a cluster of Docker containers. Before we begin exploring ECS, there are several key Amazon Web Services (AWS) that you need to be familiar with. This article reviews those core AWS services and lays a foundation […]

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) VI

If you’ve been following along from our last post then at this point you should have an ECS cluster named “default” created that has a “tomcat-service” managing two tasks of type “tomcat-task-definition”. These tasks are running on two EC2 instances, or more formally two ECS Container Instances (EC2 instances with the Docker daemon and the […]

Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan as Good as Your Application Assurance Plan?

So all of the entities in our production environment are running smoothly. Application performance is assured, while maximizing efficiency. VMTurbo is continuously matching real-time application demand to available resource supply. It’s constantly making the resource allocation and workload placement decisions that keep our environment in its desired state. But what happens when our entire production […]

Innovation over Inertia: Creating Small Wins to Increase Innovation

Change is difficult. There are those of us who are able to adapt quickly and well to change, but the majority of people like to keep things fairly aligned with their current state. It isn’t that they are unable to change, but the inertia is applied to the slower moving organization. Companies may even lead […]

Record Cyber Monday Leads to Failure to Deliver QoS

Black Friday to Cyber Monday: the retailers’ extended Superbowl weekend and the time during which up to 40% of yearly revenue can be accrued. The importance of these four days has skyrocketed in recent years as the market has experienced a major migration to online over in-store purchases. In order to drive higher sales volume and […]

Microsoft May be Stacking the Odds in the Private Cloud Game

After owning the desktop for so long, and significant portions of the enterprise data center OS market, there was little doubt that Microsoft has everything to lose as competition rises against them on all fronts. Being the incumbent in desktop OS and productivity software has its advantages because it let Microsoft relax a bit on […]

Get All the Performance Benefits of All-Flash XtremIO with VMTurbo

Flash-based storage is growing faster than anticipated since it first surfaced in 1984 when Toshiba Corporation first introduced the technology. At first, the chips were used in memory cards until migrating to wider use in smartphones and tablets. Now, they’re starting to replace hard drives in laptops and computer servers. According to Gartner, the number […]

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