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Architecting Your VDI Implementation: Persistent vs Non-Persistent VDI

One question many civil engineers receive is, “what is the proper ratio of the depth of a building’s foundation to the height of the building?” Many claim that the safest buildings have a foundation depth that is identical to the height of the building, while others say a depth one-third of the total height is […]

Data Center Consolidation Planning & Execution with Turbonomic

From NASA retiring its 45,000 sq ft data center to the U.S. Federal government saving more than $2.8 billion, many of the biggest data center owners in the world are making the long-term effort to scale their data centers more efficiently by consolidating the current hardware on an ongoing basis. Trying to figure out if […]

What You Need to Know When Choosing Your Open Source Licenses

Open source development covers a lot of bases.  There is everything from documentation to development that is freely available on the web.  It’s rather magical to know that you’ve got access to the code that drives some of the industry’s most widely used platforms like OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker, and many more. As a purveyor of […]

Making Meaning: Turbonomic Vision Summit 2016

“Technology is easy. People are hard.” Perhaps more than any others uttered last Thursday, this adage shared by Shutterstock CIO, David Giambruno, has stuck with me. Thursday marked Turbonomic’s first-ever Vision Summit, a half-day symposium at the American Museum of Natural History in New York where CIOs (and one remarkably bright CTO) shared their visions […]

The Open Guide to Amazon Web Services

One of the biggest challenges in looking over the Amazon Web Services catalog of available products, is understanding what everything is, and how it all works.  Both individual guides and inter-service guides are spread around the internet.  This makes searching out the right guides a challenge in many cases, until the open-guides came along! Open […]

Turbonomic & the Opportunity Ahead

Today, Turbonomic announced that I was joining them full time as Executive Chairman. Many of you have asked me over the last couple of months what I am up to and what I am learning. Well, I have learned a lot and this is what I am up to … My Journey Over the last couple […]

What are all these specialized databases all about?

Data is at the core of most enterprises today. Plenty has been written about the need to leverage insights and analytics to gain a competitive advantage as well as the mountains of data that can be collected, refined and analyzed in order to gain a competitive edge. Whether that’s to price better, find that next […]

Microsoft is Getting Busy on GitHub

I’ve seen a few tweets around about Microsoft and the open source journey, and it made me take a look back at the Microsoft account on GitHub to see whether there was something that I’d missed. Whether or not there are all new projects loading up onto GitHub or not, there as absolutely a lot […]

How to prevent I/O intensive tasks from bringing down your VDI environment

VDI adds additional complexity to already complicated virtualized infrastructures. End-users demand a local PC like experience, while high densities place additional demand on compute and storage. Both Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon provide a robust portfolio of VDI options, depending on the needs of your business. The nature of VDI, however, necessitates real-time analytics and […]

More People Won’t Fix a Software Problem

Have you ever heard the phrase “money doesn’t fix money problems”?  The crux of that statement is that if there is a fundamental problem with the management of money, pouring more money into the situation will simply extend the bad behaviour.  In my opinion, the same thing holds true when it comes to software and […]

Solving the SDDC Management Problem

In the last four decades, initiated by the “Big Four”, IT management has been in a race to nowhere. A race to discover more, collect more and present more. More reports, more graphs, more views, more alerts. If there is an IT asset out there, there is a tool to discover it. If there is […]

Serverless Computing: Oxymoron or the Next Big Cloud Play?

What is “Serverless Computing” By now we are all familiar with the terms SaaS, IaaS and PaaS but prepare yourself for a new wave of offerings “as a service”. Serverless computing, Event Driven Computing or Function as a Service (FaaS for short) is an emerging trend that cloud providers are offering to their clientele. While […]

Thinking Cloud – IT as a Cost Per Unit

There was a very interesting conversation at an event I attended the other day.  The focus was around getting to the cloud.  Questions that came up were the usual ones that you would expect, including the classic “what is the ROI with the public cloud?” What’s the ROI for your environment today? Measuring ROI for […]

3 Ways IT Infrastructure & Development Teams Can Work Better Together

I outlined how communication challenges can lead to problems in IT organizations in my last post. In this follow-up, I want to examine how infrastructure and development teams can work together better. A colleague of mine sent me this article about how Google manages to achieve the balance between the Development and the Infrastructure team. […]

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