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CIO’s Perspective On What VMTurbo Has Done for Me Lately

VMTurbo is a pretty unique product for many reasons. One of my favorite is ease of installation and time to ROI. Typically when a new customer joins the family we provide an RSE (Rapid Success Engagement), consisting of 2 days of training and 2 days of professional services. Generally speaking, after that quick engagement a […]

Cross-Anything Migration: Private Clouds & Public Clouds

For those of us familiar with American movie culture, it is only logical to fear the sequel. With the exception of The Godfather 2, just about every sequel had us going with such high expectations from the beloved first, but when it came down to brass tacks, couldn’t hold a candle to the original, and […]

Finding The Desired State: Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect

Earlier this week, I was on a demonstration discussing the concept of a desired state with a particularly interesting customer. Ordinarily, most customers and prospects I talk with consider the concept of a desired state to be a pretty simple concept. Due to the tools we have in the marketplace today, most people consider the […]

The Other (More Important) Bottleneck in IT: IT Failures

When I ask customers about bottlenecks, they talk about understanding infrastructure constraints. Your infrastructure is only as fast as your bottleneck – it’s easy to understand. So naturally we are conditioned to find this bottleneck in order to increase throughput at the bottleneck, therefore increasing the throughput of your whole infrastructure system. I recently read […]

Download Free Datacenter Stencils for Microsoft Visio and OmniGraffle

Free download to help you create diagrams of your datacenter using Turbonomic’s free datacenter stencils pack for Microsoft Visio® or for OmniGraffle. See your entire stack from a bird’s eye view to help better understand workflow. Stencils include: Host Cluster Virtual & Physical SAN Thin & Thick Provisioned Datastores Public, Private, Hybrid, & Virtual Datacenter Clouds […]

A Brief History of DevOps

Paradigms and ideologies tend to shift very quickly in IT these days and keeping the business agile is considerably one of the most important components of a successful company. The faster a company can adopt, test and release the newest applications, the larger its advantages are in the market. IT Agility is most likely the […]

VMTurbo Posts 23rd Consecutive Quarter of Record Revenue in Q1 2016

VMTurbo, the application performance control system, today announced its 23rdconsecutive record revenue quarter and added over 125 new customers in Q1, with over half of the top data center IT firms and service providers now relying on VMTurbo to control their cloud and virtualized environments while guaranteeing performance of applications from VDI to JVMs, OLTP […]

Google Splits from Debian-Based Container Platform with ChromiumOS Container-VM

When you have to solve a problem at a massive scale, sometimes you have to tread a new path. Google has decided to do that in their container platform approach on Google Compute Platform by launching a new Container-VM ecosystem. The new image is based on the open source Chromium OS, and moves away from […]

How to Run Every Capacity Planning Scenario in Seconds (Part 3)

In this post we will continue our examination of common scenarios you might need to plan for in your datacenter. If you are not already using VMTurbo’s Operations Manager, pull down the 30-day trial here and follow along! Click here to read Part 1 and here to read Part 2! Disaster Recovery Failover and Host […]

Reducing Software Licensing Costs – Video

Learn how VMTurbo can help you reduce software licensing cost by assuring application performance with the most efficient infrastructure supply possible. There’s an old IT joke about the Oracle parking lot and the $50,000 ticket you pay to park there. Why so expensive? Because with Oracle you have to license every possible space, rather […]

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) XII of XII

We have shared an exciting journey across the ECS landscape together.  We’ve covered a lot a ground in our series as you can see from the articles, so this is where we finish up as we tackle the last steps of our Zero Downtime Deployment on Amazon Elastic Container Services. Now that you have performed […]

What to Look for in Hyper-Converged Platforms…

To start, why are there any hyper-converged platforms? There have been a lot of major changes in the way that IT environments are run over the last 10 years. The idea of individual workloads being run by independent hosts has nearly vanished with the few legacy exceptions. The only guaranteed consistency between IT environments today […]

Why Running OpenStack is like the Taking up Running

As someone who has accidentally become a runner because I’ve just ended up doing it a lot, I’ve noticed a lot of parallels to the operation of an OpenStack environment. I know it is odd sounding, but here is why I was thinking that. Taking on OpenStack as a platform means that you suddenly open […]

The PaaS Spectrum: Public, Private, or Hybrid

PaaS is gaining more and more traction in the IT world, and being driven by app development teams. But, since it is being driven by app teams very few IT teams really understand the different methods by which PaaS can be delivered. In the industry today we’re starting to see PaaS follow the same trends […]

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