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Using RES Workspace Manager to secure your environment

Although User Environment Management (UEM) becomes more and more important in almost every company it is getting easier to convince the IT people and management of purchasing the UEM. However there are still people who just see such a product as a logon script replacement, which can also be done using scripting or Group Policy […]

Introducing AppSense Application Manager 8, Feature Release 6

On behalf of everyone from the Application Manager team, I am very pleased to announce the release of Application Manager Feature Release 6 (FR6).  This is a release that the team and I are very proud of and boasts a number of new features and enhancements to existing functionality that will ease configuration creation, management and […]

Introducing AppSense DesktopNow – the next generation of the AppSense Management Suite

What a busy 9-months it has been in AppSense Product Development since the previous AppSense Management Suite Launch.  We hinted towards our Project Orca, acquired RAPsphere, delivered on Project Orca in the form of AppSense DataNow, brought the RAPsphere technology to market as SaaS based AppSense MobileNow, and released numerous technologies from our R&D Boffins in AppSense Labs. Today I […]

Upgrading RES Workspace Manager

We are asked from time to time about upgrading from older versions of RES Workspace Manager to the latest and greatest versions. What is involved? What are the prerequisites? Is it simple Here at RES Software, our awesome development team take pride in making the upgrade path as simple and as pain free as possible! […]

Introducing AppSense Environment Manager 8, Feature Release 4

On behalf of the Environment Manager team here at AppSense, I am pleased to announce the release of EM 8, Feature Release 4 (FR4). This is another great release that provides many new capabilities that will enable our enterprise customers to efficiently manage their users’ environment. The development of FR4 has been another great example […]

AppSense Redefines Management of Policy, Personalization and Performance for Windows Desktops with DesktopNow

AppSense, the leader in people-centric computing, today announced significant enhancements to its market leading Management Suite, newly rebranded as DesktopNow, including new enterprise features and capabilities. Building on previous releases, DesktopNow demonstrates clear understanding of customer challenges and reaffirms the importance of people-centric manageability with a major focus on enterprise readiness, rapid adoption and product […]

AppSense Environment Manager 8 FR4 – Configuration Layering and Change Tracking

Building on previous versions of EM, enhancing desktop configuration controls and simplifying personalization management, EM8 FR4 brings new benefits to enterprise customers through significant enhancements to the creation, management and distribution of AppSense configurations. These new capabilities will provide a more fluid approach to configuration, creation and change control capabilities, and will help contribute towards […]

UserVoice: What do you really want from RES?

I am excited to introduce you, our customers, to UserVoice. It is the new ideation platform you can participate in! In this blog article I am going to tell you what UserVoice is, why we chose it, what you can expect from us and how you can use it. What? So… what is UserVoice? UserVoice […]

RES Workspace Manager 2012 SR2

On Wednesday the 6th Feb RES Software released RES Workspace Manager 2012 SR2. Here follows a brief overview of what you can expect to find. However, if you want to know more details, please download the release notes from our Support Portal. This Service Release was a much anticipated release for our Citrix community, as it includes many new features that you […]

Immidio Educational Site Subscription

Since the launch of Immidio Flex Profiles and Immidio Flex+, many customers from the education sector have chosen to incorporate this no-nonsense and affordable User Environment Management solution into their day-to-day student and staff computing activities. The flexibility that Immidio Flex+ brings, enables educational institutions to offer their personnel and students a dynamic user experience […]

Liquidware Labs FlexApp: User Installed & Department Level Applications – DABCC TV #39

In the following DABCC TV Virtualization Video Podcast, we are very happy to have Jason E. Smith, Director of Virtual User and Application Solutions at Liquidware Labs with us.. Jason gives us a demo of ProfileUnity with FlexApp which allows virtual desktop users to seamlessly install their own applications into a Windows desktop environment without […]

RES Software: Follow Me Data: Preparing for the Consumerization of IT – DABCC Live #15

Watch this webinar featuring RES Software VP of Product Management, Bob de Kousemaeker and industry expert Doug Brown to gain a better understanding of how changing user work styles and consumerization of IT trends are impacting enterprise IT departments today.

Liquidware Labs: ProfileUnity with FlexApp User Virtualization – DABCC Radio Video Podcast Episode 42

In the following DABCC TV Virtualization Video Podcast, we are very happy to have Jason Smith, Director of User Management and Virtual Application Solutions at Liquidware Labs, with us.  Jason walks us through what’s new in ProfileUnity FlexApp v5.5, their user virtualization and application delivery solution. Click to watch Liquidware Labs: ProfileUnity with FlexApp User Virtualization […]

Liquidware Labs: ProfileUnity, FlexDisk & VMworld 2013 Preview Video Podcast – DABCC TV 45

In the following DABCC Live Virtualization Webinar Podcast, we are very happy to have James West, Sales Engineering Manager at PHD Virtual with us. James discusses trends regarding disaster recovery for virtual environments of PHD Virtual.

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