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Q&A With VP Jon Rolls: Ivanti Is on a Roll With User Workspace Management

From mathematician to systems engineer to Ivanti VP of product management, Jon Rolls is fully engaged in a job that never stops. As a product expert with Ivanti, your travels frequently take you to conferences and expos, meetings / presentations with customers and prospects, product advisory councils, meetings with industry analysts and the media, etc. […]

How To Reduce Login Times with Avanite WebCache Manager on your AppSense Systems.

In this video we show you how WebCache Manager can be used alongside AppSense Environment Manager. The video clearly shows how WebCache Manager can improve your user experience by reducing user login/logoff times, storage requirements and network utilization. Visit us at to find out more! This video is from the fine folks at Avanite.

Ivanti and RES Software, while the dust is settling….

After the initial shock of the announcement, a video surfaced on the Ivanti website where they discussed the acquisition. Still after the video many question still remained unanswered. I decided to get in touch with Ivanti and RES software to see if they could provide me more details.  Today I had a conference call with […]

Ivanti: Unified Management Is the Whole Endpoint: An Insightful Q&A

You can’t spell “Braithwaite” without IT. And you can’t get any more “product expert” than Alan Braithwaite, director of product management. Enjoy his insights in this quick-read Q & A. As a product expert with Ivanti, your travels frequently take you to conferences and expos, meetings / presentations with customers and prospects, product advisory councils, […]

How to Manage Web Data with Citrix UPM and Avanite WebCache Manager – Video

Avanite WebCache Manager allows you to completely manage web data, such as cookies and the problematic webcachev01.dat file. This video shows how it can be used to enahce your Citrix UPM implementation. This video is from the fine folks at Avanite.

Ivanti acquires RES Software – Analysis by Rob Beekmans

Today the End User Computing world was rocked by the news that Ivanti acquired RES Software. As you might remember, last year LANDESK (Ivanti is a merge of HEAT and LANDESK) acquired AppSense. Read my article on that right here – LANDESK acquires AppSense  and the analysis here AppSense and LANDESK, what do they bring to the […]

Ivanti CEO Steve Daly Talks about RES Software Acquisition – Video

This morning we announced the RES Software acquisition! In the following video clip, Ivanti CMO Steve Morton (left) and CEO Steve Daly discuss the RES acquisition. RES Software Acquisition: Why we did it To keep pace with rapid technological change “If we’re going to scale with all the change that’s happening and have the ability […]

Ivanti Acquires RES Software, Workspace Automation and Identity Provisioning Innovator

Acquisition extends Ivanti’s leadership in user workspace environment management RES Software’s flagship offering addresses user environment management and identity governance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments via its converged platform. RES Software’s capabilities for bulk provisioning and de-provisioning user accounts will combine with Ivanti’s process automation to help IT organizations more effectively automate onboarding and […]

Takeaways from the 2017 State of the VDI / SBC Union Survey

Login VSI
By Mark Plettenberg, PM LoginVSI The community site, VDI Like A Pro (, recently surveyed approximately 600 end-user computing managers about their organization’s use of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Server Based Computing (SBC). The findings are summarized in a report on the state of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Server Based Computing (SBC) union, […]

Citrix XenDesktop Director shows no metrics, perhaps you got some stale data you need to clear

You might have seen a few tweets from me lately about an issue I was working on. At a customer we finished a Citrix XenDesktop environment and for some reason Director showed no metrics. What kind of metrics you might wonder, things like the connected session for example. Also any metric except the machine usage […]

Citrix: MDM more than tablestakes

Citrix Systems
With so much focus on the latest in mobile technologies, like security, Mobile Application Management (MAM), and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), it’s easy to lose sight of where it all began: with mobile device management (MDM). MDM has been table stakes for a while, but as MDM evolves into UEM we have seen significant on-going […]

Citrix Cloud Master Class 101 Video – Part 1

Citrix Systems
This is our first ever master class focused and dedicated to Citrix Cloud. In this Masterclass we will walk you through the platform and services that are aligned, covering What Citrix Cloud is, XenApp/XenDesktop Service, App Layering Service, XenMobile Service, ShareFile Service, Networking Services (NSG & MAS), Smart Tools, Customer Adoption services and how to […]

Citrix: 5 Tips for Packaging Your Apps with Citrix App Layering

Citrix Systems
Citrix App Layering makes it easy to manage your operating systems and applications as individual entities and compose multiple images from these as required. To help ensure the best possible App Layering experience, I’ve put together the below 5 tips that I recommend admins follow. Frameworks go in the OS Layer The .NET Frameworks are […]

Citrix: A Breakdown of Citrix App Layering Features by Edition

Citrix Systems
From the moment we announced the Unidesk acquisition back in January, the response has been truly incredible. Every customer and partner that I have talked with about this software layering technology has shown strong interest in it — and for good reason. It allows IT to work more efficiently with image management and lifecycle operations, […]

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