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Vinyl Sales are at a Record High. And so is HMV’s Business Performance.

IGEL Technology
You might not be aware of this but the late John Peel, the legendary BBC broadcaster and DJ, was a former computer programmer who worked for an American insurance company in the 1960s writing code for an IBM 1410.  With his love of music, no doubt he’d be very pleased but vinyl is back.  Sales are […]

Trouser Change from a Grand when you Buy 10 UD Pockets for £995

IGEL Technology
You might have read about the spat between MPs and civil servants resulting from British Prime Minister, Teresa May, wearing designer leather trousers from Amanda Wakeley.  They retail at £995.  The saga has focused on whether she is out of touch with ordinary people – due to their cost – especially as politicians have been pushing belt and braces austerity given […]

Security, Windows 10, Mobility Drives Thin Client Adoption

IGEL Technology
With 2017 upon us, it’s time to reflect on some of the key trends in 2016 and how they will impact IT in the year to come. In the spirit of the New Year, I’d like to offer the following 2017 predictions as organizations respond to key trends from this past year: 2016 Trend: Heightened […]

New Desktop Era Promises More Freedom for IT Administrators

IGEL Technology
For many IT administrators the feeling of being shackled to the desktop will be familiar involving an endless round of responding to helpdesk tickets raised by users, running security patches and rolling out upgrades. But a new desktop era is upon us in the form of the managed workspace which will help solve these day-to-day […]

steadyPRINT Data Sheet – centralized printer administration, monitoring and reliability!

All In One Tool. Organize all tasks of your printer management centrally – intuitively and clearly structured: Management of the printer connections, driverless printing, monitoring & reporting of the complete print environment, print server reliability and migration and many more. Off er your users different options to simply and flexibly print their documents in each […]

Download Universal Desktop Converter 3 (UDC3) – Turn PC in to Securely Managed End-Point

IGEL Technology
The Universal Desktop Converter 3 (UDC3) thin client software provides a highly effective alternative to traditional thin client hardware. Download Universal Desktop Converter 3 (UDC3) The software is installed as the operating system on PCs, notebooks and selected thin clients, and turns the hardware into a powerful software based and universally deployable thin client allowing […]

Praim Releases the new ThinMan Management Console Version 7.5.7

Praim releases the new ThinMan management console version 7.5.7  ThinMan is the management console that allows to centrally manage thin clients and PCs. ThinMan allows a complete automation of technical and administrative operations on thin clients and PCs, thanks to which it is becoming an absolutely essential tool for every IT Manager. In order to facilitate […]

IGEL Technology Superhero Video Trailer

IGEL Technology
In an IT-World where desktop management can become rapidly time consuming and inefficient, you’re facing the dawn of a dark management existence. In these times someone special is needed…. via the fine folks at IGEL Technology! Learn more: Download IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) IGEL Data Sheets IGEL Case Studies IGEL White Papers

A Few Reasons Why VDI is the Way of the Future…

IGEL Technology
There are many good and obvious reasons why enterprises all over the world are moving to virtual workspaces. Easier management, lower running costs, better use of resources. However, there have always been an equally valid set of reasons why the company should NOT move to a virtual solution, too; cost of deploying RSDH software, lack […]

Why I Joined IGEL – It’s All About the Possibilities

IGEL Technology
I’m very excited to inform you that for the first time in a long time I will be taking a more expanded role in a company than I have with in the past. I will be joining IGEL Technology as their Global Technology Evangelist! My job will consist of helping spread the word about […]