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VMware Video: Using vSphere Docker Volume Service for Highly-Available Databases

See how to use the vSphere Docker Volume Service with vSphere storage (vSAN, VMFS or NFS) to create persistent, highly-available Docker Volumes. The demo creates a highly-available database with Postfres DB. This video is from the fine folks at VMware Storage.

VMware vSAN and Fault Domains, aka Rack Awareness

Keeping your virtual workloads up and running at all times while also providing the back-end data resiliency is key to any VMware vSphere deployment. This is true if   your shared-storage mode consists of a “traditional” three tier architecture (host/fabric/storage) or if you leverage Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) to     consolidate   and provide compute/storage […]

The Next Leap In Concurrency

There have been many significant developments related to containers over the last six months. As you may know, containers are similar to virtual machines in that they are, well, containers. However, containers are more specific to “containing” the application rather than what a virtual machine does which is “contain” an operating system and the application. Containers rely […]

VMware Video: Discovery Corporate IT achieves greater control of virtual storage infrastructure with vSAN

When Discovery’s Corporate IT discovered that its infrastructure dependencies were affecting the stability of its VMware environment, it turned to VMware’s vSAN solution to alleviate these dependencies and better architect its virtualized environment. This video is from the fine folks at VMware NSX.

Cohesity Featured in vSpeaking Podcast

This week while in between flights I got a chance to catch up with my good buddies John Nicholson (@lost_signal) Pete Flecha (@vPedroArrow) and joined them on their incredibly successful vSpeaking Podcast for a conversation about Cohesity and secondary storage. The boys entertained a couple of important topics that go beyond products that are pretty close to […]

VMware vSAN 6.6 Configuration Assist Makes Setup & Updating Easier

Whether setting up vSAN using Easy Install, manually, or through the vSphere Web Client, once the first host is setup, there are some necessary tasks to complete the configuration. Initial tasks required include setting up a VMkernel port with vSAN traffic, claiming disks, and more. Each of these can be accomplished relatively easily at through […]

VMware: Bootstrap the VCSA onto vSAN 6.6 with Easy Install

If vSAN is configured by vCenter, how do you deploy vCenter on top of vSAN? Sounds a bit like a chicken and egg scenario, huh? vSAN is part of a cluster configuration in vSphere. To create a cluster, a datacenter must first be present, and that must be part of a vCenter instance. At least that’s […]

VMware Cloud Foundation Technical Introduction Video

See how VMware Cloud Foundation brings together the core SDDC building blocks of compute virtualization (with VMware vSphere), storage virtualization (with VMware vSAN) and network virtualization (with VMware NSX), together with the automation capabilities of the VMware SDDC Manager, into a new unified SDDC platform that provides a vastly simplified SDDC experience From the fine […]

VMware vSAN Storage Policy Assigned to vSphere Replication Replicas

VMware vSphere Replication (VR) is a replication feature that is included with vSphere Essentials Plus Kit and higher editions of vSphere. Replication is configured on a per-VM basis with RPOs as low as five minutes. It is compatible with vSAN, as well as, other datastore types such as VMFS, NFS, and vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVols). […]

VMware Cloud Foundation Storage Overview Video

VMware Cloud Foundation leverages vSAN ready-nodes to implement a simple, efficient and highly scalable storage architecture for the SDDC.  Leveraging the automation capabilities of the SDDC Manager it’s easy to create workload domains and provision new vSAN data stores.  vSAN radically simplifies storage and makes it easy to deploy a modern software-defined data center. From […]

When Application Delays really matter

Just imagine the impact of any delay in getting emergency responders to act on a 911 call for help. Could it mean more damage to a property? Could it cause serious injury, or even loss of life? That’s a risk a 911 call center in Medford, Oregon wasn’t willing to take. Multiple times a day, […]

New VMware KB articles published for week ending 22nd April 2017

VMware ESXi “AddVirtualMachine: VM ‘XX’ already registered” warnings keep logging into hostd.log Published Date: 2017/04/18 Platform Erratum messages related to USB controller may be observed on Intel Platforms Published Date: 2017/04/20 The DCUI sometimes displays less memory than is available on the ESXi host Published Date: 2017/04/21 VMware EVO SDDC How to reset the VRM […]

VMware: Cisco UCS S-Series Storage Servers for vSAN – 96 TB per node

One more feather in the cap of vSAN ReadyNode configuration. We now have certified Cisco UCS S3260 Storage Server (storage dense configuration) for vSAN. You can now achieve up to 100TB of storage per node with this ReadyNode. You can see the vSAN VCG listing here. Why do we care about storage dense configuration? Enterprises are […]

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