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SSD’s Will Transform the Way we Think of Hard Disks

SSD (Solid State Disk) – it’ll become a mainstream in 2010. At the moment I’m re-thinking my home lab. I’d like to put everything in One box and make Ultimate One Box Solution (UOBS). That means, having a lab where whould be possible to simulate all VMware Solutions, train people (if necessary). Question Efficiency, Ecology […]

Widening Field of SSDs

Development news surrounding solid-state disks for the enterprise generally follows the big guys. Will EMC or won’t it? (It finally did.) What will Seagate come up with next? But with SSD revenues about to jump through the roof, there is a vibrant community of systems developers out there, some of whom have some rather innovative […]

Wyse Technology Partners with Pippard to Create Virtualized POS System

Everyone is talking virtualization, and more and more companies are seeing the value of using a cloud computing or virtualized environment to reduce operating expenses, increase data security, and reduce power requirements. Until now, however, retailers considering virtualization would have to omit POS systems from the strategy as no major provider offered a cloud or […]

WhipTail Technologies: Solid State Storage (SSD) in Virtualization Podcast with James Candelaria – DABCC Radio – Episode 108

In episode 108, Douglas Brown interviews James Candelaria, CTO at WhipTail Technologies. Doug and James discuss the WhipTail Technologies solid-state drive (SSD) storage virtualization solution. James does a great job explaining not only about the WhipTail Technologies solution but he gives us a great backgrounder on solid state drives (SSD), how and why, the problems with them […]

Symantec Updates Virtual Management Suite

Enhancements for Hyper-V and flash drives Symantec announced several enhancements to its storage management suite of software, its cluster file and cluster server system, that include the ability to recognise solid state drives used in tiered storage as well as full integration with Hyper-V. Symantec made the enhancements to its Veritas Storage Foundation, Veritas Cluster […]

VirtenSys Award-Winning I/O Virtualization Solutions Enable Dense High-Performance Compute Clusters with Dramatic Power Savings

VirtenSys™, Ltd, a leader in next-generation I/O solutions for data centers, today announced that its VIO 4000 I/O virtualization switches enable the deployment of high performance compute (HPC) clusters with the industry’s best I/O price/performance and lowest energy usage. The award-winning VIO 4000 switches consolidate, virtualize and share all the servers I/O resources within a […]

WhipTail Technologies Goes Global with Opening of U.K.Office

Today, at SNW Fall 2009, WhipTail Technologies Inc., a provider of solid-state drive (SSD) Tier 0 storage appliances, announced that the company has opened a U.K. office in Surrey. The new office will allow WhipTail Technologies to more immediately address the area’s increasing demand for cost-effective enterprise storage solutions that provide quality performance with low […]

Pillar Data Systems Couples Application Aware Storage with Oracle VM Storage Connect Framework

Today at Oracle OpenWorld, Pillar Data Systems announced support for Oracle® VM Storage Connect framework. Pillar will be providing a plug-in for the storage discovery and provisioning Application Programming Interface (API). Due to Pillar Axiom’s high storage utilization rates and energy efficient architecture, it is the ideal storage platform for a high performance, virtualized Oracle […]

WhipTail Technologies Launches International VIPER Channel Partner Program

Today, at SNW Fall 2009, WhipTail Technologies Inc., a provider of solid-state drive (SSD) Tier 0 storage appliances, announced the launch of its VIPER channel partner program. The VIPER program is targeted toward value-added resellers (VARs) worldwide, particularly those focused on virtualizaton and storage, and consultancy firms that specialize in deploying enterprise resource planning (ERP) […]

WhipTail Technologies First to Bring the Power of Data Deduplication to Tier 0 Storage

For years, data deduplication has been relegated to a backup role, but no longer. Today, at SNW Fall 2009, WhipTail Technologies Inc., a provider of solid-state drive (SSD) Tier 0 storage appliances, announced that the company will integrate Exar’s Hifn BitWackr deduplication and compression solution into all Racerunner SSD appliances. With the addition of the […]

3PAR Rolls Out Adaptive Provisioning

3PAR is developing technology to move data blocks automatically between different tiers of storage, according to a person familiar with the situation. With the massive scale of storage forecast to be needed in the future, the ability to keep only the highly active data blocks on the fastest and most expensive tier of storage (currently […]

IBM Unveils Cloud Storage, Disk Archive System

IBM offerings include private cloud storage service IBM has unveiled a new private cloud storage service for enterprise-class companies at its Information Infrastructure Analyst Summit conference. IBM also disclosed plans to release a new disk-based archive array called the IBM Information Appliance that can scale to 300TB and offers retention rules and customised policies. The […]

PrimaCloud Breaks Cloud Computing Performance Barriers Using Xsigo Virtual I/O

PrimaCloud, a pioneering managed cloud and virtual IT services provider, announced today that it has deployed the Xsigo I/O Director as the foundation of its data center interconnect strategy. The Xsigo I/O Director enables PrimaCloud to break the barriers of I/O throughput seen in existing cloud computing offerings, allowing end customers to experience application performance […]

WhipTail Technologies Hires Brian Feller as VP Sales & Marketing

Today, WhipTail Technologies Inc., a provider of solid-state drive (SSD) Tier 0 storage appliances, announced that the company has appointed Brian Feller as VP sales & marketing. Mr. Feller will be responsible for the sales direction and WhipTail’s “go-to-market” strategy. Mr. Feller brings more than 15 years of sales and channel experience to the position. […]

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