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Meeting the demands of modern education with HPE SimpliVity

HP Enterprise
Founded in 1976 with a student body of 36, Leighland Christian School in Tasmania, Australia, has grown quite a bit over the past 41 years, with 530 students and 100 staff on two campuses. Mirroring its growth in headcount, the school has also grown increasingly reliant on technology for learning. But when David Grey, business […]

VMware Welcomes the Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series Video

Lenovo and VMware are transforming the storage business together and the ThinkAgile VX Series makes it possible to modernize a data center with every server refresh. Lee Caswell talks about how this joint collaboration will bring value to customers at half the cost of an all-flash storage array. This video is from the fine folks […]

VMware: Datrium Sets Impressive World Record With New Breed of Convergence

Datrium Sets Impressive World Record With New Breed of Convergence Hyperconverged solutions solve many issues in today’s data centers, including ease of deployment, agility and scalability, enabling automation, improved data protection and more. But hyperconvergence also has its pain points, with the biggest issue being performance. Datrium has set out to solve some of the […]

VMware: How Pure Storage Enables The Hyperconvergence of IT

Hyperconverged infrastructure is being adopted at a rapid pace in the enterprise and the technology shift is bringing along with it a transformation in how IT teams function. In the years past, IT roles were clearly defined; you had the server pro, the storage guy, the networking gal and the security expert all taking care […]

VMware: How Innovation in Healthcare and 3PAR All-Flash Leads to a Better Patient Experience

HPE 3PAR StoreServ flash storage helps healthcare providers speed response time for patient care—a good reason why it earned Best of Show recognition at the recent Flash Memory Summit. For patients and their families, any time spent in a hospital environment can be a very stressful time. That’s why today’s hospitals need to be equipped […]

Microsoft Announces General Availability of the New App Service Premium Plan

Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of the new Premium plan from Azure App Service that runs on Dv2-series VMs. Azure App Service allows you to quickly build, deploy, and scale enterprise-grade web, mobile, and API apps running on any platform. Applications and services running on App Service can meet rigorous performance, scalability, […]

Google Cloud: Introducing faster GPUs for Google Compute Engine

Google Cloud
Compared to traditional solutions, Cloud GPUs provide an unparalleled combination of flexibility, performance, and cost-savings: Flexibility: Google’s custom VM shapes and incremental Cloud GPUs provide the ultimate amount of flexibility. Customize the CPU, memory, disk and GPU configuration to best match your needs. Fast performance: Cloud GPUs are offered in passthrough mode to provide bare-metal […]

AWS Releases EC2 Instances with 4 TB of Memory

Amazon Web Services
Earlier this year I told you about our plan to launch EC2 instances with up to 16 TB of memory. Today I am happy to announce that the new x1e.32xlarge instances with 4 TB of DDR4 memory are available in four AWS Regions. As I wrote in my earlier post, these instances are designed to […]

The IGEL UD Pocket. At only 3.3 grams, the world’s smallest and lightest thin client

Bas van Kaam
Being a member of various communities, the iGel Tech Insider program, in this case, has its perks from time to time. Just recently I received the (USB) iGel UD Pocket thin client (and ‘thin’ it is) for testing purposes. Don’t let its size fool you – it’s only 12.2 mm wide and 22.4 mm high, […]

VMware: Dynamic Pools on EMC Unity All-Flash storage

For Unity All Flash storage, its architecture of Storage Pool is different with Unity Hybrid storage (eg, Unity 350F). This new Pool technology is called “Dynamic Pools”. The following is the difference between Traditional Pools and Dynamic Pools. Dynamic Pools do not require Hot Spares If a drive within a Dynamic Pool fails, Spare Space […]

VMware VMworld 2017 Session Video – Best Practices for All-Flash Arrays with VMware vSphere

VMworld 2017 SER2355BU Best Practices for All-Flash Arrays with VMware vSphere Learn more about VMware at This video is from the fine folks at VMware VMworld.

Citrix: What’s New in XenApp Essentials – Q2 CY2017

Citrix Systems
We are absolutely thrilled by the response to XenApp Essentials. It is great to see XenApp Essentials become one of the top trending apps in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. More importantly, I am happy to report that multiple Azure RemoteApp customers, who were eagerly looking forward for a replacement solution, have migrated successfully to XenApp Essentials […]

Microsoft Azure Analysis Services web designer adds visual model editing to the preview

Last month we released a preview of the Azure Analysis Services web designer. This new browser-based experience will allow developers to start creating and managing Azure Analysis Services (AAS) semantic models quickly and easily. While SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) are still the primary tools for development, this new […]

Cache – The Datrium DVX Worst Case is Someone Else’s Best Case

A couple of times I have been asked about caching performance with Datrium DVX. It’s intuitive for people without an understanding of the technology to think that DVX performance is contingent entirely on the host cache and if nodes go down the caches would have to be rewarmed, or a full cache integrity checks would […]

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