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Moving to life in the fast lane with software-defined automation

HP Enterprise
“Life in the fast lane Surely make you lose your mind Life in the fast lane Everything all the time.” – Eagles, 1976 Businesses are constantly looking for a competitive advantage — anything that will allow them to move faster. In the past, it was all about adopting technology that would make systems move faster […]

AWS Releases I3 Instances for Demanding, I/O Intensive Applications

Amazon Web Services
On the first day of AWS re:Invent I published an EC2 Instance Update and promised to share additional information with you as soon as I had it. Today I am happy to be able to let you know that we are making six sizes of our new I3 instances available in fifteen AWS regions! Designed […]

VMware vSAN Named Server-Based Storage Product of the Year by Storage Magazine

VMware vSAN 6.2 was selected the Gold winner in the Server-Based Storage category of the Storage magazine/ 2016 Products of the Year award. To date, vSAN has attracted more than 7,000 customers to help them modernize their data centers. VMware customers are taking advantage of the cloud-like flexibility and simplicity of vSAN deployed in a […]

Office 2013 on Windows 10, CPU usages through the roof

In a current project we face an issue, of course our sales department would like to only talk about our successes but I think sharing our issues will show how we deal with these issues. Helping others before they jump into the same issues is good I think. In this project we have a VMware […]

VMware Storage 101: Now An Easy A

Storage, once the toughest course in the IT handbook, is suddenly an “easy A” and the most popular class for 2017’s incoming IT professionals. The disruptions of flash, hyper-convergence and cloud now simplify storage decisions that used to take months. For this year’s crop of IT decision-makers, it’s going to be a good year to […]

Amazon WorkSpaces Update – SSD Volumes and Cost Optimizer

Amazon Web Services
If you are a long-time reader, you know that I am a full-time user and huge fan of Amazon WorkSpaces (read I Love my Amazon WorkSpace to learn more). Having a single environment that I can access from a wide variety of devices and web browsers allows me to stay focused on my work and […]

SSD, Flash, Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Storage Trends Tips Topics

Greg Schulz
Will 2017 be there year of solid state device (SSD), all flash, or all Non-volatile memory (NVM) based storage data centers and data infrastructures? Recently I did a piece over at InfoStor looking at SSD trends, tips and related topics. SSDs of some type, shape and form are in your future, if they are not […]

VMware: Volume Support with vSphere Integrated Containers

I am excited to discuss volume support with vSphere Integrated Containers and its differences from standard Docker deployments. The important difference to note between VIC and Docker is that VIC leverages the robust vSphere environment in order to interact with pools of managed resources. This means that the VIC volume support is designed to allow you to […]

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