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SolarWinds Releases Virtualization Manager 8.0

In continuance of the great Q3 release from SolarWinds (NPM, NTA, NCM, UDT, IPAM, DPA, & SRM), I am excited to announce the Generally Availability of Virtualization Manager (VMAN) 8.0.  Over time, Virtualization Manager has incrementally evolved from a stand-alone virtual appliance to providing advanced integration to the SolarWind’s monitoring stack. VMAN Orion allows for […]

SolarWinds Releases NPM 12.2

NPM 12.2 was made available in the Customer Portal on September 13th!  The release notes are a great place to get a broad overview of everything in the release.  Here, I’d like to go into greater depth on  Network Insight for ASA including why we built it and how it works.  Knowing that should help […]

Microsoft: Improvements to OMS Network Performance Monitor

Summary: Learn about the latest improvements to Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) Network Performance Monitor (NPM). These include availability in the Azure portal, hop-by-hop latency breakdown, agent diagnostics, and availability in more regions. It’s been almost five months since OMS Network Performance Monitor became generally available. We continue to get a great response from all of […]

Microsoft Introduces Network Performance Monitor for network visibility across public and hybrid clouds

In today’s hybrid IT environment, troubleshooting issues related to application connectivity is complex and challenging, especially due to the difficulty in isolating the source of the problem in a network. As you manage your cloud applications, it is also important to have visibility into the virtual network connections between your datacenters, remote office sites, and […]

NPM 12.1 Sneak Peek – Meraki Wireless Monitoring

Now that you’ve seen how to use PerfStack for networks, it’s time to check out the improved MerakiⓇ wireless monitoring of NPM 12.1! This feature was born from a simple customer request: to cover Meraki gear in the same way we do all the other wireless vendors, showing their hybrid infrastructure in a single pane […]

Red Hat Fedora Goes to FOSDEM

Red Hat
I had the pleasure of going to FOSDEM this year and the annual spectacular didn’t cease to deliver. During this year’s conference, my second FOSDEM, I worked with Brian Stinson of CentOS fame to produce the Distributions Devroom. FOSDEM gets busier every year and the Distributions Devroom was no different. For almost the entire day, […]

SolarWinds NPM 12.1 Sneak Peek

OK, OK, I admit it. My favorite new feature of NPM 12.1 is PerfStack which is actually a feature of the Orion Platform (or “Core”). So my team didn’t actually build it. Darn.  Fortunately, all the products that run on the Orion Platform get it, including NPM.  More importantly, all products can contribute data to […]

Microsoft: Whats’s new for iOS and Android developers using JavaScript?

With the release of Visual Studio 2017 RC this week, we’re introducing you to the latest and greatest release of the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova (TACO). In this release, we’re tackling the big problems – the issues we know you face every day as mobile developers. They fall into two major themes: Fast, […]

Container Image Signing

Red Hat
Red Hat engineers have been working to more securely distribute container images. In this post we look at where we’ve come from, where we need to go, and how we hope to get there. History When the Docker image specification was introduced it did not have a cryptographic verification model. The most significant reason (for […]

This week’s five: Elevate your network performance with a bird’s eye view

This week’s five is a weekly column on five recent reads from all over the web. This week, we’ll talk about network performance management. What’s the next big thing going on in the world of IT? Most would say the cloud. But the cloud doesn’t run on it’s own. And neither do any of the […]

Sneak Peek at SolarWinds (NPM) 12 – Big Release

  It took longer than usual to build this release but I can honestly say this is our biggest release in years. NPM 12 is almost ready. NetPath NetPath started as something we were fiddling with in the lab. We came up with some really cool tech tidbits like: Discovering the entire, complex path that […]

Did you know SolarWinds Engineers Toolset integrates with Network Topology Mapper ?

If you have used Network Topology Mapper, you know it’s of great use for visually seeing and tracking changes of your network, onto a map. In past blogs we have highlighted how NTM integrates with NPM. If you missed it you can check out my blog post here. For this blog, we will see how […]

How To Upgrade To NPM 11.5

With the exciting release of Orion NPM 11.5 last week, you might be looking for all the information you might need to upgrade, and the steps to do it quickly and easily. Check the Release Notes for Orion NPM 11.5 Review the system requirements and ensure your server is up to spec. Back Up your […]

Customer Training Program – Changing and Growing in 2015!

For just over a year now, the SolarWinds customer training program has been offering classes on the Orion Core platform and NPM. During that time, we’ve delivered over 150 classes to nearly 2500 students. And now, it’s time to grow!   New courses coming soon: We have a number of new courses in development, including […]

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