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Mirantis Forms OpenStack Contributions Team

Mirantis, a leader in engineering services for OpenStack™ cloud infrastructure, today said that it is establishing a dedicated OpenStack contributions team. The company made the announcement today as OpenStack is spun off into an independent Foundation.  This Mirantis team will include a pool of five engineers exclusively dedicated to working on strategic and significant OpenStack […]

Software-defined Storage is a ‘Must Have’ for a Software-defined Data Center; Movement Driven by Need to Optimize Tier 1 Business Applications

I expect a lot of buzz at VMworld and afterwards around ‘Software-defined Data Centers’ and it makes me chuckle to think of all the different ways we have found to state the obvious ‘Software is what matters.’  The software model and business applications have redefined the foundation of architectures from being ‘static’ to ‘dynamic’; software […]

Citrix to Become a Platinum Sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation

Citrix today announced that it has increased its existing commitment to open source and become a platinum sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), a non-profit, volunteer-run open source foundation. Citrix will join fellow ASF sponsors Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! to help aid organizational, legal and financial support for numerous Apache projects. Through a […]

Nexenta Is Chosen as Citrix Ready Storage Challenge Winner

Citrix Ready
Nexenta® Systems, the world leader in OpenStorage solutions, today announced that the company received the “Innovative Technology” award from the Citrix Ready Storage Challenge based on its flagship solution, NexentaStor™. The challenge was officiated by an independent group of Citrix executives and industry analysts, who judged NexentaStor against a number of other leading virtual desktop […]

Nexenta Works with VMware to Simplify VDI Deployment

Today at VMworld® 2011 Europe, Nexenta Systems, the world’s leading provider of OpenStorage solutions, announced it has partnered with VMware to simplify VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) deployments. At VMworld Europe 2011 (Bella Center in Copenhagen, Oct 18-20), Nexenta is demonstrating its ‘NexentaVDI’ provisioning and rapid deployment solution for VMware View™ 5. Also at the show […]

Nexenta Simplifies VDI Deployment

Nexenta Systems, the world’s leading provider of OpenStorage solutions, has simplified VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) deployments for VMware customers. At VMworld Europe (Copenhagen, Oct 18-19, 2011), Nexenta is demonstrating its ‘NexentaVDI’ provisioning and rapid deployment solution for VMware® View™ 5.0. Also at the show Nexenta is recruiting participants for its NexentaVDI beta program. NexentaVDI’s solution […]

Open Virtualization Alliance Membership Grows Significantly With Cloud Companies and in Emerging Markets

The Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA), a consortium committed to fostering the adoption of open virtualization technologies, including Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), today announced that it is experiencing rapid growth in participation from companies focused on cloud computing and emerging markets around the globe. KVM provides unique advantages for companies looking for an open alternative for […]

NexentaStor 2.1 Released: Improves Industry-Leading Hardware Independent NAS/SAN Storage Solution for Virtual Environments

Nexenta Systems, Inc., delivering on itspromise to continuously improve functionality and performance, todayannounced the release of NexentaStor 2.1. NexentaStor is a unified storagesolution delivering enterprise class NAS and SAN functionality, based onthe revolutionary ZFS file system. Now with over 11,000 users and inexcess of 500 paid customers, NexentaStor offers an unmatched combinationof enterprise class features […]

Citrix XenServer 5.5 – Converting Local Storage to NFS (and thereby enabling sparse provisioning)

XenServer will create sparse disks for your VMs only on NFS based volumes. If you are using ISCSI or local storage, it will fully allocate each disk. This is less of a problem when you have a thinly provisioned ISCSI volume which is also compressed (such as those provided by Nexenta/OpenSolaris), but when you have […]

NexentaStor Used by Coltex for VMware ESX 3.5 Storage

Nexenta Systems today announced that the leading European retailer Coltex, well known for the Didi, Steps, Forecast and SPS Superstar brands, is using NexentaStor to provide storage to their VMware ESX 3.5 infrastructure which provides IT services to over 380 stores in the Benelux region. The leading Netherlands-based integrator, Inprove IT Infrastructure Solutions (Inprove), has […]

Permissions: A Primer, or: DACL, SACL, Owner, SID and ACE Explained

Every object that can have an security descriptor (SD) is a securable object that may be protected by permissions. All named and several unnamed Windows objects are securable and can have SDs, although this is not widely known. There does not even exist a GUI for manipulating the SDs of many object types! Have you […]

Sun Solaris 10 Released in a VMware Virtual Machine Format

I’ve noted previously that one of the non-Sun distros of OpenSolaris (Nexenta) is available in a VM.  Now, Sun has now quietly added the Solaris Enterprise System Virtual Machine 1.0 to the Sun Download Center (as a free download).  This is Solaris 10 Update 1, plus the Studio 11 compilers, plus all the Java Enterprise […]

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