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DataCore Storage Virtualization Software Delivers Faster Performance and Five-Nines Reliability to Mission Critical Databases and Tier-1 Business Applications

DataCore Software, the storage hypervisor leader and premier provider of storage virtualization software, today announced that companies and organizations around the globe are realizing the benefits of the software-defined data center and simultaneously improving the performance of their Tier-1, mission-critical business applications through its SANsymphony-V storage virtualization software. The SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor boosts the speed, […]

Don’t Get “Amazoned”

I recently served on a software-defined data center panel hosted by Pacific Crest Capital in Boston.  Joining me were representatives from Acquia, Plexxi and Simplivity. While the topic of the panel was the software-defined data center, it immediately became clear that there is one central theme as it relates to anything “software-defined:” the increasing threat […]

Why Dynamic Workload Placement is Not Enough

In the recent blog post about Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) by Enterprise Management Associates’ Torsten Volk, Torsten brought up several important requirements and gaps on the road to that important goal. In the Server Virtualization component required for SDDC he said: “What’s currently missing is an engine that dynamically places workloads in the hypervisor environments […]

Software is also eating the data center

Mark Andreesen’s famous August 2011 WSJ article, Why Software Is Eating the World, discusses how software companies, especially Silicon Valley firms, are disrupting industries across the planet. Most big data center players still cling to the hardware-based models of yore. But the growing ubiquity of the hypervisor as the new data center O/S means that […]

Free VMware vCloud Networking and Security Training

I wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the one hour free training that VMware is providing on vCloud Networking and Security. It is a great opportunity to check out and understand the product. Overview of class : The vCloud Networking and Security Fundamentals course covers VMware’s vision of a Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) […]

Infographic: Software Defined Networking revolution

The worldwide SDN market for the enterprise and cloud service provider segments is forecasted to grow from $360 million in 2013 to $3.7 billion by 2016. The infographic below, courtesy of the Open Networking Summit, presents more statistics on the outlook for growth of Software Defined Networks. The Open Networking Summit will take place on […]

VMware Vs. Amazon? Try VMware Vs. OpenStack

Is VMware getting into the cloud provider business? While there’s speculation on both sides of the argument, I think the notion that the firm is planning a major infrastructure buildout is highly dubious. The question was raised when the company announced plans "to extend the software-defined data center with a hybrid cloud service offering, and the creation […]

VMware’s software-defined data center will include NSX network virtualization

Last week, at a Strategic Forum for Institutional Investors, VMware presented its strategy on the growing importance of the software-defined data center (SDDC) by saying the move from the physical to a software-defined architecture is a necessary step toward delivering the cloud. Through the software-defined data center, VMware said it would extend the benefits of virtualization to […]

VMware’s Network Virtualization Plans Crystallize in NSX

VMware introduced a new milestone on its roadmap toward a software-defined data center with today’s announcement of VMware NSX, a forthcoming software package that combines its vCloud Network and Security product with Nicira’s NVP. VMware acquired Nicira in July 2012 for more than $1 billion. VMware NSX, which the company says will be available in the […]

How the Cloud Can Reduce Technical Debt

Jaymes Davis
Wrtitten by: Jaymes Davis, Entisys   Over time the evolution of technology becomes common place and things that seemed bleeding edge become more common place and then that technology has moved to the center where it becomes a commodity that we all take for granted like how did we get around before GPS?  I have watched virtualization […]

VMTurbo Blog – Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

In a recent blog, virtualization expert Frank Denneman provides excellent insights into the challenges many customers of virtualized environments face in an attempt to solve the intelligent workload management (IWM) problem—i.e., provide adequate service levels while keeping the environment efficient. Frank goes into great detail in his post, describing the best practices of using pools […]

VMware: Understanding Information Security In the Era of the Software-Defined Data Center

A few weeks ago I participated in VMWare’s first vCloud Network and Security Workshop in Palo Alto. The top 50 VMware experts in networking and security from around the globe were there to discuss all things software-defined network (SDN). Topics ranged from upcoming releases of VMware’s SDN platforms to deep-dive discussions on challenges that all […]

Software-Defined Control – Transforming IT Operation

The world of IT is moving from a hardware infrastructure to a software defined one, as in Software-Defined Data Center, Software-Defined Storage, Software-Defined Networking, and Software-Defined “X”. To deliver and enable this new software-defined world, we must have control. The traditional IT operation process involves collecting a huge amount of data, monitoring the environment to […]

New VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit 3.1 Available

The new release of the popular VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit 3.1 (vCAT 3.1) includes updates to topics such as: vCloud Connector and Chargeback Operating a Cloud vShield to Networking and Security including VXLAN vCAT is a set of reference documents that help enterprise customers, service providers and partners construct a superior working cloud computing and virtualized solution, […]

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