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Technology advances add to licensing headache

Server virtualisation, multicore processors and capacity on demand do not fit with traditional models of software licensing, and IT managers are facing growing complexity as suppliers struggle to find a solution… Advances in technology are leading to a change in software licensing models. But as suppliers are forced to revisit their licences to offer more […]

Citrix aims to ease delivery of applications to desktops (Project Tarpon)

Thin client computing supplier Citrix has unveiled two new developments designed to make it easier for organisations to deliver applications to users. Citrix released details of Project Tarpon and Edgesight products at its iForum user conference in Edinburgh earlier this month. The company announced that users could try out a limited beta of its Tarpon […]

Microsoft SoftGrid is a Go!

Microsoft’s acquisition of Softricity is complete!   Softricity is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft!   Now that the required “blackout” time period is behind them, the Microsoft and the Softricity visionaries can start to plan for the future integration of Softricity’s technologies into Longhorn, Vista, System Center, Terminal Services, Visual Studios, and beyond.    This is a good […]

Citrix Unveils Beta of Project Tarpon at EU iForum

Citrix Systems has unveiled two new developments in its continued drive to make it easier for companies to deliver applications to users. The Project Tarpon and EdgeSight products are Citrix’s latest attempt to prove that it is more than simply a thin client or client/server software solutions company. At its iForum user conference in Edinburgh […]

VMware Introduces Open Virtual Machine Disk Format Specification

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 3 — VMware, the global leader in virtual infrastructure software for industry-standard systems, today announced that its virtual machine disk format specification for defining and formatting virtual machine environments is now openly available, downloadable and free of charge. This will enable use by all developers, software vendors and projects and includes […]

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