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Citrix: 5 Ways to Avoid Shadow IT

Citrix Systems
Shadow IT— technology used within an organization without explicit approval — is the modern Trojan horse. It can allow ransomware and malware to invade your network, cause data leaks and even introduce compliance risks. Here are five easy ways to avoid shadow IT: 1. Understand the risks Part of what makes the threat of shadow […]

Forrester: Hybrid By Design Vs. Hybrid By Accident

Forrester Research
The promise and potential peril of artificial intelligence Take these steps to use AI to best effect while minimizing the downsides.As a veteran of enterprise IT, there’s a difference between “hybrid by design” and “hybrid by accident.” Let’s be frank: you are probably doing hybrid by accident – just about everybody is. Hybrid by accident […]

VMware Helps Enterprises Succeed in the Multi-Cloud Era

Broadened Set of Cloud Offerings Enables Customers To Run, Manage, Connect, and Secure Any Application across Clouds and Devices VMworld® 2017, VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) unveiled an expanded set of products and services as part of VMware Cloud™ that are available through VMware and partners. New and updated offerings announced today include: VMware® Cloud™ on AWS is now initially available […]

Citrix: Protect Apps and Data, Combat Shadow IT & Build a Secure Culture? You Can Be a Security Superhero

Citrix Systems
The relentless pace of innovation is not only transforming how business gets done, but also applies to the increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats keeping executives awake at night. Yet these threats don’t just come from bad actors outside the company. Well-meaning employees and executives can often put their organization at risk when they bypass security policies […]

Citrix: The Best Way to Tackle Shadow IT – Secure Apps That Make It Easy to Get Your Work Done

Citrix Systems
From the latest app on our smartphones to the newest gadgets in our homes, many of us love to embrace innovation. After all, these technology advances improve our lives, make us more productive and help us stay connected in ways our parents never could have imagined. That’s why so many of us use our personal […]

Shining a Light on Shadow IT

There is a parallel IT department lurking within your organization, right under your nose. An estimated 1/3 of all technology spending is occurring outside the IT department. You may think you’ve stopped it, or you may have learned to live with it, but the fact remains that it’s there. Welcome to the new world of […]

Citrix: A New Security Architecture for the Cloud Era

Citrix Systems
What does it mean for security when virtually every device in the enterprise connects to the cloud and people access apps and data on multiple devices and platforms? It’s one of the most urgent questions facing IT, and one reason I’m especially eager to participate in Black Hat USA 2017 in Las Vegas on July […]

Ivanti on Spotting Stealth Cloud in Your Organization

Stealth Cloud is growing. How can you spot and prevent it? IT and business leaders today are grappling with the ever-increasing use of personal devices and unauthorized apps at the office, often referred to as Stealth or Shadow IT. This rapidly emerging trend comes as a natural response to employees looking for ways to create […]

Citrix Synergy Session SYN316 Video – Increase your security posture: deep dive on ShareFile

Citrix Systems
Is your data safe and secure? Do you know if your employees are using personal online file-sharing accounts without IT approval—placing your corporate data at risk and opening your network to external threats? Is Shadow IT a concern? You need a strategy for making sure that end users do not send sensitive or critical information […]

VMware: Takeaways for Managing the Business in a Multi-Cloud World

Change can bring tension, especially in the world of business. There is often a picture of complexity that exists between the ‘new’ and the ‘old,’ a middle-ground where many organisations find themselves as they evolve. This has become particularly apparent in recent years, as businesses transform at an accelerated rate in the race to become […]

Company sponsored shadow IT – “(BYO) USB stick to share company data” –

For years we are discussing shadow IT as something we need to fight against, find solutions to prevent it. Shadow IT is what happens when IT is not able to offer a solution. Users will find ways to do things like water will find its way in the ground. The risk with shadow IT is […]

Microsoft Video: Gaining Enhanced Visibility and Control with Office 365 Advanced Security Management

Learn how Advanced Security Management can help you detect unusual use of Office 365, what shadow it is happening in your company and what apps users are plugging into your company’s Office 365 environment. Learn more here: This video is from the fine folks at Microsoft.

Microsoft Video: Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s4 e6 / Simon Cheng, Lululemon – Part 2

In the second half of Brad’s conversation with Simon Cheng (Manager of Corporate Technology at Lululemon), they talk about how often he gets requests for discounts on Lululemon gear, as well as how Lululemon’s IT organization has structured its infrastructure to support the company’s culture and the needs of its workforce to operate in ways […]

Microsoft Video: Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s4 e5 / Simon Cheng, Lululemon

Simon Cheng is the Manager of Corporate Technology at Lululemon and he was nice enough to make the trip down from Vancouver so that he and Brad could drive around and ostensibly get lunch. The work Lululemon has done with their infrastructure is fascinating: The IT team has built a network tailored to the needs […]

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