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Behind the scenes at VMworld – How Xangati Helped VMware Manage Their VDI Lab Podcast – Episode 144

In episode 144, Douglas Brown interviews Nathanael Iversen, Director of Technical Marketing at Xangati. Nathanael shares the behind the scenes story of how Xangati worked with VMware to help manage the VDI Lab at VMworld in San Francisco and Copenhagen. Nathanael gives us a glimpse in to the infrastructure VMware built for their VDI Lab, […]

UniPrint Version 7: Citrix, TS, Desktop Virtualization Virtual Printing Podcast – Episode 110

In episode 110, Douglas Brown interviews Arron Fu, Vice President Software Development at UniPrint. Arron and Doug discuss the UniPrint Version 7 virtual printing solution for Citrix, Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services, and VMware environments. Arron also discusses the top printing issues IT faces, how UniPrint works, what it takes to install, how it competes with the […]

Virtual Computer NxTop: Client-Side Hypervisor Virtualization and Management Podcast – Episode 103

In episode 103, Douglas Brown interviews Doug Lane, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing at Virtual Computer, Inc. Doug and Doug discuss the Virtual Computer NxTop client-side hypervisor solution, how it works, what it takes to install and manage, how it compares and competes with VDI and SBC, plus much more.     About Virtual Computer […]

Lakeside Software: Desktop Virtualization Management Podcast with Michael Schumacher – Episode 93

Lakeside Software
In episode 93, Douglas Brown interviews Michael Schumacher, CTO and Founder of Lakeside Software. Douglas and Michael discuss the Lakeside Software SysTrack desktop virtualization solution. Michael does an amazing job walking us through SysTrack’s power management and virtual machine planner technologies and how they can help IT overcome key issues with desktop virtualization planning and deployment. About […]

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Podcast with Jeff Fisher from Desktone – Episode 86

In episode 86, Douglas Brown interviews Jeff Fisher, Senior Director of Strategic Development at Desktone Inc. Doug and Jeff will discuss the Desktone enterprise “Desktop-as-a-Service” solution, “Virtual-D”.   Doug and Jeff will also talk about the desktop virtualization and cloud computer markets, the differences between hosted desktop (DaaS) and server-based computing / VDI deployments, plus much more.  […]

Personalization & Desktop Management Podcast with Bob Janssen from RES Software – Episode 78

RES Software
In Episode 78, Douglas Brown interviews Bob Janssen, CTO and Co-Founder at RES Software. Doug and Bob discuss RES Software’s virtualization personalization and run book automation solutions, how they work, what it takes to install them, what problems they solve, why someone should buy RES Software’s solutions vs. the competition and much more! About RES PowerFuse […]

Citrix Receiver and proxy settings

Citrix Receiver… I don’t even no where to start with all the issues I had/have and workarounds I have in place to make Receiver at least somewhat useable. The whole thing with Receiver/StoreFront is so "touchie"…anyway, now I just want to let you know something about proxies with Receiver. Upfront: Most companies I work with are […]

Universal Desktop Thin Clients for Virtualization Podcast with Stephen Yeo from IGEL – Episode 73

IGEL Technology
In episode 73, Douglas Brown interviews Stephen Yeo, World Wide Strategic Marketing Director at IGEL Technology. Doug and Stephen discuss the new Universal Desktop Thin Clients for Virtualization solution from IGEL.  Stephen and Doug also discuss the desktop virtualization industry, cloud computing, and much, much more. For more information about IGEL please visit their web site at: […]

Turn Your PC in to a Thin Client Podcast with ThinLaunch Software – Episode 62

In episode 62, Douglas Brown interviews Nick Rudnik, Director of Software Development and Mike Cardinal, the General Manager at ThinLaunch Software. In this podcast Doug, Nick and Mike will discuss ThinLaunch’s Thin Desktop solution and how it fits in to a server-based computing / desktop virtualization world. Nick, Mike and Doug will also discuss how […]

Thin Client / Desktop Virtualization Podcast with Robert Hammond from BOSaNOVA – Episode 61

In episode 61, Douglas Brown interviews Robert Hammond, the Client Product Manager at BOSaNOVA, Inc.  In this podcast Doug and Robert will discuss BOSaNOVA’s thin client solutions for desktop virtualization and server-based computing (Citrix) environments. Doug and Robert will also discuss what is special BOSaNOVA’s solutions vs. others in the market, why someone should use […]

Citrix Thin Client Podcast with Eric Grayson from VXL Instruments – Episode 49

In episode 49, Douglas Brown interviews Eric Grayson, Vice President, Americas at VXL Instruments.   Doug and Eric will discuss VXL’s thin client offerings along with what makes VXL unique in the thin client market.  Eric will also talk about VXL’s unique offering around allowing Citrix streamed applications to run directly from the thin client, no […]

The anatomy of a virtual desktop (Back to Basics)

Being involved with the EUC space I get to talk about virtual desktops.. A lot. Sizing them is something that gets discussed a lot but what components do we actually need in a desktop? What is the anatomy of a desktop from a ‘physical’ perspective. Although it’s going back to basics I do think it’s good to […]

Thin Client and Desktop Virtualization Podcast with Stephen Yeo from IGEL – Episode 39

IGEL Technology
In episode 39, Douglas Brown interviews Stephen Yeo, World Wide Strategic Marketing Director at IGEL Technology. Doug and Stephen will discuss where all this desktop virtualization ‘stuff’ is going and where does Stephen and IGEL see the Thin Client fitting in, the future of Thin Clients along with Thin Client management. Stephen and Douglas will […]

VMware Desktop Virtualization Solutions Podcast with Warren Ponder from VMware – Episode 38

In episode 38, Douglas Brown interviews Warren Ponder, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at VMware. Doug and Warren will discuss VMware’s desktop virtualization solutions, from VMware ACE to a bit about VMware’s upcoming VDM desktop broker solution. Doug and Warren will also discuss the competitive landscape of the desktop virtualization world and where VMware sees their […]

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