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New, Integrated Dell EMC and VMware NFV Solution Accelerates Production Deployment for Service Providers

News Summary: Integrated Dell EMC and VMware offering designed to simplify and accelerate NFV deployments Pre-validated solution minimizes adoption time and significantly reduces time and cost to turn up new services First delivery for Dell EMC’s new Ready Solutions for Service Providers portfolio comprising Dell EMC infrastructure and ecosystem partners Includes support for more than 40 pre-certified […]

Where Influence Happens: From the Soaring Heights of Digital Transformation to the Deepest Depths of Storage Technology

The best days at work are the days when your mind gets blown – literally. I had one of those days last week at Storage Field Day in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Over the span of four hours, I witnessed the power of our company in the raw. Three Dell EMC storage teams, ScaleIO, Unity and […]

PowerEdge Interviews: Meet the Team Behind the Tech

One of the best things about Dell EMC World is the opportunity to meet the people who shape our technology. From engineers and hardware designers to product leads and partners, everyone’s eager to share their work and their excitement — and with the announcement of the new generation of PowerEdge servers, they all had a […]

Dell EMC Advances Data Center Grade Software-Defined Storage

Software-defined storage (SDS) is a key driver of data center transformation. As a data center grade SDS, the enterprise features, availability, performance and flexibility of ScaleIO make it perfect for traditional array consolidation, private cloud/IaaS, and new emerging technologies like DevOps and container microservices. Customers love that they can use industry-standard hardware, Ethernet and ScaleIO […]

Turbonomic & EMC Scale IO Integration for Software Defined Storage

Throughout years of experience, I have encountered and handled performance issues for the application, server and network layers, but storage layers were often the hardest to address. Enterprise storage used to be monolithic – unmovable, little changes encouraged and a reluctance to reconfigure or adapt to changing needs of the applications. Modern enterprise storage allows […]

ScaleIO (EMC) added to SDS/HCI Matrix – explore it now!

WhatMatrix Community
The ScaleIO company as well as software defined storage (SDS) technology it devised, have been around longer than most others in the market today. ScaleIO for example released its first GA product to the market early 2011 whereas Nutanix did the same thing late that same year. ScaleIO’s technology didn’t go unnoticed within the industry […]

New VMware KB articles published for week ending 07/23/16

VMware App Volumes  VMware App Volumes 2.x with Microsoft Office Products (2146035) Date Published: 7/18/2016 VMware ESXi VMware Tools fails with the error: vthread-3, Exception 0xC0000005 access violation has occured (2145625) Date Published: 7/20/2016 Static IP addresses lost after updating a Windows 7 SP1 or Server 2008 R2 SP1 machine (2145734) Date Published: 7/19/2016 EMC […]

EMC implies that SANs may not be so great for hosting virtual machines after all

The inventor of the storage array, EMC, has indicated that a hardware-designed architecture is perhaps no longer the best solution for hosting a virtualized datacenter. The Register reported today that EMC will utilize ScaleIO as a VMware kernel module. As I pointed out in the introductory post to this site less than two months ago, IDC says that $56B of […]

EMC ScaleIO on VMware vSphere Install – A little automation Part I…

Since EMC’s purchase of ScaleIO in 2013, I have become very familiar with the product. I was fortunate enough to go to deep dive training in November to become even more familiar with what it offers and where it may be going.  While I was there, several of us had the opportunity to talk with […]

Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Momchil Michailov, CEO of Sanbolic – Part 3

Sramana Mitra: Help us with the competitive landscape. Whom do you compete directly or indirectly? What does that landscape look like? Momchil Michailov: Software-defined storage has been a hot and trendy area. In flash storage and software-defined storage, there was a total of $1.2 billion of venture investment last year. For the pure software stack, we […]

Future storage tech should KILL all-in-one solutions, says CEO

Will you be cheeky enough to take a bite at EMC? El Reg: How would you compare and contrast DataCore’s technology with EMC’s ScaleIO? George Teixeira: We see ourselves as a much more comprehensive solution. We are a complete storage architecture. I think the better question is how will EMC differentiate its ScaleIO offerings from VMware VSAN solutions? […]

A closer look at EMC ScaleIO

Thanks to our friends at EMC, I was recently given the chance to attend a session on EMC’s new storage acquisition, ScaleIO. This acquisition generated a lot of interest (and perhaps some confusion) as VMware Virtual SAN product seemed to play in that same storage area. My good friend Chad Sakac over at EMC wrote […]

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