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Citrix Synergy Session SYN318 Video – A to Z: best practices for delivering XenApp, XenDesktop

Citrix Systems
Microsoft Azure is a strategic platform for Citrix, and this session will cover Azure foundational concepts (compute, storage and network) for delivering Citrix services and reference architectures for key use cases. We’ll also discuss hybrid extensions of on-premises XenApp deployments to Azure and Citrix Cloud deployments, and the economics and cost models for various deployment […]

So you are considering Citrix Cloud? What do you need to think about

After attending Citrix Synergy this week, there is no denying that Citrix is quite serious about their cloud offerings and announced more offers that will be arriving later this year. This includes offerings like their Citrix Analytics Services and Workspace Service, but still it will take some time before these services will be available. Today […]

Citrix Synergy Session SYN312 Video – Authentication: deep dive on Citrix solutions

Citrix Systems
Embracing the cloud means embracing cloud identity. Learn how Citrix is leveraging federation and cloud identity for on-premises and Citrix Cloud services for XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile. The session will also cover derived credentials and how XenMobile authentication is engaged for a smart-card-required world. This video is from the fine folks at Citrix

Citrix Synergy Session SYN310 Video – Powering the digital workspace using Citrix Cloud

Citrix Systems
Power a digital workspace that includes applications, desktops and data using Citrix Cloud. We’ll dive into architecture and configuration including advanced scenarios for XenApp and XenDesktop Services such as multiple geographic locations and secure external access. During the session, we’ll cover best practices for delivering an integrated ShareFile experience, including how end-user identity is managed […]

Citrix Synergy Session SYN303 Video – Independent Citrix experts’ deep dive on Remote Graphics

Citrix Systems
Walk through the latest graphics GPU developments, including solutions offered by NVIDIA, Intel and AMD, with two Citrix Technology Professionals who will share highlights of the hundreds of new test scenarios they have executed. Do you want to know more about GPU, user experience and resource consumption with XenDesktop, XenApp and Citrix Cloud? Want to […]

Citrix Synergy Session SYN302 Video – Keys to a successful XenApp and XenDesktop user experience

Citrix Systems
User experience continues to be one of the primary focus areas for Citrix. In this session, you will learn from the Citrix Consulting Services team about critical user design decisions required from day one as well as how to analyze an existing environment to ensure a successful experience. Topics will cover how Citrix Profile Management […]

With Citrix XenDesktop & XenApp 7.14 comes Scout 3.0 – some big changes, read what’s new

Bas van Kaam
Version 7.14 of XenDesktop & XenApp comes with an updated version of Scout, version 3.0 to be exact – up from 2.23 before that. As you will find out throughout this post there are a couple of substantial differences between the two. I’ll start by highlighting some of the main features/capabilities of Scout as part […]

Citrix Synergy Session SYN107 Video: XenServer tech update: boot PVS desktops faster…

Citrix Systems
If you’re running XenDesktop on VMware vSphere, you’re paying a vTax of over $100 a desktop. Every edition of XenDesktop and XenApp includes access to Citrix XenServer; with version 7.1 already out and another release on the way, there’s plenty to talk about. Not only can it save you money, but the unique features it […]

Citrix Synergy Session SYN104 Video: XenApp and XenDesktop: what’s new and roadmap

Citrix Systems
XenApp and XenDesktop are the market-leading solutions for app and desktop virtualization. With each quarterly release, we continue raising the bar on experience, security and management. In this session, we’ll review the features introduced in versions 7.11, 7.12 and 7.13, and show you how they benefit SMB, mid-market, and enterprise businesses. We’ll also share XenApp […]

Citrix Synergy Session SYN103 Video: Citrix App Layering

Citrix Systems
Based on the pioneering Unidesk layering technology that Citrix acquired in January 2017, Citrix App Layering is quickly becoming the standard for application packaging and lifecycle management. In this session, Unidesk founder and former CTO, Chris Midgley, along with former chief solutions architect and App Layering expert, Ron Oglesby, will provide an overview of the […]

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