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Microsoft Announces the preview of App Service domain

For a production web app, you probably want users to see a custom domain name. Today we are announcing the preview of App Service domain. App Service domain (preview) gives you a first class experience in the Azure portal to create and manage domains that will be hosted on Azure DNS for your Azure services […]

Amazon AppStream 2.0 Supports Microsoft Active Directory Domains – Video

Amazon Web Services
Starting today you can connect your Amazon AppStream 2.0 streaming instances to your Microsoft Active Directory (AD) domain. This new feature allows you to apply your existing AD policies to your streaming instances, and provides your users with single sign on access to Intranet sites, file shares, and network printers from within their applications. Your […]

AWS Video: How to Plan a Migration to AWS: The Cox Automotive Story

Amazon Web Services
Are you finding it challenging to plan your cloud migration without an understanding of the inner workings of your current IT environment? CloudHealth Migration Assessment simplifies the process of migrating assets from your data centers to the AWS Cloud by analyzing usage and performance of on-premises workloads. CloudHealth then makes recommendations on instance types, region, […]

Enhance Data Privacy with Hybrid IT

HP Enterprise
HPE Flexible Capacity enables IT to quickly scale infrastructures in minutes and maintain full control over system security. By paying only for used capacity, it’s a public cloud experience with on-premises IT benefits. These days, you’re being tasked to respond rapidly to business demand and are likely looking to take advantage of solutions that scale […]

Cisco: Function-as-a-Service 101: What is it?

My favorite part about making a living in the tech industry is that there is always something new to learn.  When Amazon Web Services launched in 2006 it slowly began to change they way that people thought about compute infrastructure and software architectures.  But what is the next technology on the horizon that is positioned […]

Practical Internet of Things for Beginners: IoT Projects with Realsense, Azure, Arduino, and Intel Edison

IT Books
If you’re getting started with the Internet of Things, don’t limit yourself in the devices you can create. This book is perfect for tech enthusiasts interested in learning the fundamentals of IoT and building their first IoT project. Practical Internet of Things for Beginners covers the basics of electronics and programming so you can work with any […]

VMware Horizon Cloud comes to Microsoft Azure

At VMware, we’ve always been intent on giving our customers as many options and as much flexibility as possible when it comes to their IT environment. Our latest commitment to that cause, is delivering VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure, helping our customers to bring VMware virtual desktops and applications to the increasing global presence […]

Microsoft: Go serverless with R Scripts on Azure Function

Serverless is all the rage, now you can get in on the action using R! Azure Function supports a variety of languages (C#, F#, js, batch, PowerShell, Python, php and the list is growing). However, R is not natively supported. In the following blog we describe how you can run R scripts on Azure Function […]

A few ‘State of the VDI and SBC union’ results in more detail

Bas van Kaam
Last month Login VSI presented the results of their State of the VDI and SBC union world-wide survey. Together with the help of Ruben Spruijt (CTO Atlantis computing) and ControlUp they published a thorough 59-page document holding all kinds of interesting VDI and SBC related statistics. The survey was completed by 580 people in total. […]

Windows Workloads on AWS – 2017 AWS Online Tech Talks Video

Amazon Web Services
AWS helps you build, deploy, scale, and manage Microsoft applications quickly, easily, more securely, and more cost-effectively. This Hands on Lab workshop will give you everything you need to get started deploying Windows Workloads on AWS, starting with creating and securing a new EC2 Windows instance. Learning Objectives: Securing network access to Amazon EC2 Instances […]

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