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Citrix SYN324 Video – Improve your application troubleshooting skills

Applications often do strange things that neither their users expected nor their creators intended. The reasons for this are manifold, but in order to be able to find the root cause of a problem you need to have at least a basic understanding of how developers work. In this session, Helge Klein, architect of the […]

Troubleshooting: Slow Logins with Environment Manager

When it comes to login times we all want the same thing, speed! The faster the better! So when you come across users who are seeing slow login times it’s a pressing issue, it can often be tricky to determine the cause or where to start, especially if your environment is running layers of different […]

Free Desktop Virtualization Software from Liquidware Labs

Liquidware Labs
Are you trying to find out if you’re ready for desktop virtualization? Would you like the chance to get hands-on with the technologies and fast-track your learning curve? Liquidware Labs is making it easy. You can get FREE desktop virtualization software right now to download and evaluate for as long as you like. This offer […]

AppSense – My Apps My Rules

I’m sure those of you reading this who are at all familiar with AppSense products will be well aware of the recent release of DesktopNow v10.  As well as a cleaner user interface v10 provides a number of new and improved features.  I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight one of the improvements […]

Advanced Application Layering with FlexApp

Liquidware Labs
Bill Moore, Senior Technical Enablement Manager at Liquidware Labs (and former Citrite), with Jason Smith, VP of Product Marketing (both also CUGC members) presented information about some of the new advanced features included with FlexApp Layering technology and how it can be used to complement the recently released Citrix AppDisk platform. In addition to the live demo of […]

ProfileUnity ProfileDisk – Office 365 Caching & Indexing for Citrix & VMware Virtual desktops – Video

Liquidware Labs
Liquidware Labs introduced ProfileDisk technology in 2014 which enables large profiles to be handled very efficiently, even in non-persistent VDI environments like Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon. See the amazingly fast login (5 seconds) that delivers a 1.2GB profile, policies, and over 10 application layers in seconds! Founded in 2009, Liquidware Labs™ provides industry leading […]

Desktop lifecycle management and Windows 10 migration

Liquidware Labs
Today’s desktop can most definitely be described as true ‘hybrids’ with many organisations deploying a variety of physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile desktops to deliver their business the flexibility and agility required to maintain a competitive edge. Satisfying user demands has always been a ‘poisoned chalice’ for those working in IT and helpdesk environments; without […]

Application Layering Comparison with VMware App Volumes and Liquidware Labs FlexApp – White Paper

So I’ve been working for this for some time after I had a presentation about Application layering a couple on months back at NIC conference and on Citrix User Group here in Norway. There are a lot of products/vendors in this space, so this time I decided to focus on VMware and Liquidware Labs and […]

Seek and destroy privilege creep with DesktopNow

In this Blog, I’ll discuss how AppSense can help with tightening security on your endpoints using Insight and Application Manager. Many admins are familiar with the term ‘Privilege creep’ which is defined as the gradual relaxation of security boundaries for end users over time. This is often the result of legitimate actions performed by sysadmins […]

VMware UEM and App Volumes Overview Comparison with Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity and FlexApp

Liquidware Labs
Liquidware Labs is announcing the release of a new WP “VMware UEM and App Volumes Overview Comparison with Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity and FlexApp” White Paper. At its core the focus of this new whitepaper attempts to compare and contrast the two platforms. Additionally, the whitepaper provides real world customer based implementation guidance around when to use a […]