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VMware User Environment Manager 9.2 Overview Video

An introduction to User Environment Manager 9.2 and its new features: Windows Environment Variables, Privilege Elevation. This video is from the fine folks at VMware EUC.

Liquidware FlexApp Basic Overview Video

Liquidware Labs
Liquidware FlexApp layers applications into any well connected Windows desktop environment. It is especially ideal for Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp, VMware Horizon View, and Amazon WorkSpaces environments. The product features fast packaging and entitlement of applications – the fastest in the industry. The architecture is straightforward and leverages existing investments. This video is via Liquidware Labs

Liquidware Labs FlexApp vs. Unidesk/Citrix App Layering Publishing/Entitling an Application to Users

Liquidware Labs
This is a direct comparison of the time it takes to publish/entitle an application to users once it has been packaged. FlexApp is fast and straight-forward while Unidesk/Citrix App Layering applications are encumbered by numerous steps by being tied to OS layers and the version of the OS. For more information please visit: This […]

Lab Review: Liquidware Labs FlexApp v6.5.9 vs Unidesk/Citrix App Layering packaging Notepad

Liquidware Labs
Head to Head capture process duration comparison between Unidesk v4.0/Citrix App Layering and FlexApp Layering v6.5.9 from Liquidware Labs. Straight-forward side-by-side comparison of app packaging. Notepad++ was chosen because it is a simple app. More complex applications with services and drivers can be packaged with both solutions as well. For more information please visit: […]

Liquidware FlexApp Layering- The fastest and most efficient packaging today! #Dare2Compare

Liquidware Labs
Liquidware FlexApp Layering – The fastest and most efficient packaging today! Dare2Compare to other solutions in the Citrix and VMware ecosystems. There isn’t another solution available that is more efficient at packaging applications. Other solutions can take up to 40 minutes to package a simple application. Save time, save money, save sanity, choose FlexApp. Application […]

Liquidware FlexApp Layering with Amazon WorkSpaces Explained Video

Liquidware Labs
Gain flexibility, save time, and lower the cost of application delivery and administration with FlexApp. FlexApp layering is the only application layering delivery solution that supports Amazon WorkSpaces. FlexApp layering solves the time consuming challenge of image based application delivery. Applications can be delivered or updated instantly without the need to modify base images or […]

Office365 Caching for Outlook and OneDrive in VMware and Citrix Environments

Liquidware Labs
VDI environments like VMware Horizon VIew and Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp have challenges running Office 365 because Outlook and OneDrive need to have a persistent location to cache emails, retain search, and synced data files from OneDrive. ProfileUnity easily solves this with ProfileDisk and VHD Profile Containers. See this demonstrated above. For more information visit […]

Ivanti Releases Best Practice Guides for Hosting DesktopNow, powered by AppSense, in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

Scalable, Enterprise- and Cloud-Ready Architecture Accelerates Windows 10 Migration, Tightens Security and Optimizes User Experience for Physical, Virtual and Cloud-Based Desktops Ivanti, a leader in integrating and automating critical IT tasks, today announced new Cloud Best Practice Guides which outline the architecture and support of Ivanti DesktopNow, powered by AppSense, for hosting in Microsoft Azure […]

Easing the journey to complete client virtualization

HP Enterprise
As virtualization technology has advanced over the years, more businesses have ditched traditional client computing options in favor of virtualized solutions that are accessible on any device, and hosted in a central data center. That being said, the process for migrating from physical desktops to a virtualized client environment is never an easy process. Generally […]

VMware: Profiling Applications with VMware User Environment Manager, Part 3: Built-In and Custom Exclusions

In Part 1 of this blog series, you were introduced to the VMware User Environment Manager Application Profiler. In Part 2, VLC Media Player was profiled, predefined settings were applied, and you were introduced to a few Application Profiler best practices and troubleshooting techniques. In Part 3 we use Google Chrome to demonstrate Application Profiler […]

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