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The New Nutanix Plugin for XenDesktop is Citrix Ready

Citrix Ready
Nutanix and Citrix have collaborated to create a new innovative way to assign Service Level Agreements (SLA) for virtual desktops.  The Nutanix Plugin for XenDesktop  enables Citrix administrators to answer questions like “how can I ensure my CxO desktops are fully protected or guarantee that the Development team desktops are getting full performance?” Here are Some More […]

ManageEngine Rolls Out Office 365 License Management and Reporting

ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today announced the addition of an Office 365 bulk license manager to its Active Directory management software, ADManager Plus, and an Exchange Online reporting module to its Microsoft Exchange server reporting solution, Exchange Reporter Plus. While the new feature in ADManager Plus allows administrators to manage Office 365 licenses […]

Creating a Bulletproof Citrix Licensing Server Infrastructure using NetScaler Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) and CtxLicChk.ps1 PowerShell Scripts

I was recently doing Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop design workshops with Nick Rintalan and Brendan Lin from Citrix Consulting Services (CCS), along with my colleague Victor DiMascio from Entisys. As we were discussing some of the intricate details of the architecture decisions, we touched on a topic that has stumped many a Citrix architect for the last several years (myself included).  The underlying […]

PowerShell: Getting ICA and HDX Metrics, Monitoring Data and Policy Settings via WMI

I recently wrote a blog (which you can read here) about how XenApp and XenDesktop users can determine the HDX Display Mode by following advice in CTX200370 including methods using HDX Monitor and WMIC command line. As it is possible to access this information from the command line via WMIC you can also to do this within a PowerShell […]

Hot Memory Resize with Windows 10

One of the features that was introduced in the Technical Preview (and later builds) of Windows 10 (and Windows Server) is the ability to resize the memory of virtual machines while they are running. In Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 we introduced the Dynamic Memory feature that allows Hyper-V to rapidly respond to the changing […]

Releasing the Nutanix Documentation Script

One of the things I’ve been working on since I started at Nutanix is the Nutanix documentation script. Luckily there already is an PowerShell framework to document AD, DHCP but also XenApp, XenDesktop and PVS for instance.  And with the current release of NOS 4.1.1 and Barry Schiffer’ NetScaler Documentation script I figured it would be […]

Site Wide View of Citrix HDX Graphics Modes

Citrix Systems
Some time ago I wrote an article covering the “HDX encoding methods” or HDX graphics modes in XenDesktop 7, a topic which has recently been expanded on in another great article found here which really delves into policy settings and additional recommendations and I recommend them both as background reading to this post. In fact I will not be […]

Smart-X ControlUp Deep Dive: Script Based Actions – PowerShell based Management – DABCC Live #25

In the following on-demand webinar Douglas Brown and Yoni Avital, Co-Founder and CTO of Smart-X Software will be demonstrating the Smart-X ControlUp Script Based Actions capabilities and how to use ControlUp to simplify the creation and execution of complex PowerShell management scripts in SBC and VDI environments. Yoni will give you a detailed deep dive […]

Synchronizing Citrix ShareFile with PowerShell

The Citrix ShareFile Sync application is quite limited in functionality, one of those limitations is that you can only synchronize to a single (one) local folder. As Helge Klein wrote in his excellent article "Configuring Citrix ShareFile Sync from PowerShell" this is simply a GUI restriction and not a restriction in the actual ShareFile sync […]

Hyper-V Script to move everything off of a physical disk

Hyper-V storage migration makes it very easy to move virtual machines wherever you need them, while they are running. And in the past I have showed you how easy it is to use PowerShell to storage migrate all the virtual machines on your computer to a new location. However, over the winter break I had […]

DevOps for VMware Administrators

IT Books
DevOps for VMware® Administrators is the first book focused on using DevOps tools and practices with VMware technologies. The authors introduce high-value tools from third parties and VMware itself, and guide you through using them to improve the performance of all your virtualized systems and applications. You’ll walk through automating and optimizing configuration management, provisioning, […]

Remote Desktop Manager 10 Review – Michael Pietroforte, Microsoft MVP

Since launching Remote Desktop Manager 10, we’ve received lots of positive feedback and reviews from our community of IT pros. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Yesterday, Michael Pietroforte, the founder and editor of 4sysops.com, and a Microsoft “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP), published a great review of RDM 10 after testing out several features, including: […]

Windows vNext Hyper-V Backup and Restore PowerShell Scripts

TechEd Europe – Windows vNext Hyper-V Backup and Restore PowerShell Scripts We just had a fantastic session at TechEd Europe showcasing the next evolution in Hyper-V backup and restore coming with Windows vNext (currently available as a Technical Preview). Once the session recording is live I will post a link but for those folks in […]

Updating an MCS-based Citrix XenDesktop Machine Catalog with PowerShell

I wrote previously about automating the creation of an MCS-based machine catalog in XenDesktop with PowerShell, so in this article I’ll cover updating that machine catalog via PowerShell. Separate to this article would be the process of creating the updated image – that could be done manually (by updating the existing master image), or by automating a new […]

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